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Llansantffraed Probate Records

Copies of the following probate records are available for a reasonable fee from the  National Library of Wales or online from www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline

1600 - 1750 in date order

NLW or National Archives Ref.No.




Refers to:-

PROB 11/60 Image 545/427 Griffith John David ap Gwalter Llannon   22 November 1578. In the Langley register.
SD/1603/78 Rudderch David Gytto     (difficult to read)
SD/1606/101 Ievan ap Ievan Morris     (Difficult to read) David ap Ievan ap Ievan. Rees? ap Ievan ap Ievan. James? ap Ievan ap Rees.Youngest son Phillip ap Ievan ap Ievan. Wife Elizabeth. Brother in law Jenkin ap Jenkin. Natural brother Morgan ap Ievan ap Morris. Morgan clerk vicar of Llansantffraed.
SD/1609/117 Hugh Griffith ap Lewis   Yeoman wife? Ellin ap Howell.  First daughter Jonett. Elizabeth. One and only son Jo?(page torn) Morgan clerk of Llansantffraed
SD/1610/128 David Griffith ap Ievan   Yeoman Wife Elizabeth vch David. Sister Dyddgy vch Griffith. Daughters Jane vch David &Jonett vch David. Son in Law Lewis ap Jenkin & Phillip Richard. Supposed son Morgan David. G/sons Richard Phillip & David Phillip. G/daughter Maude vch Phillip. My Master Thomas Gwyn. Ghostly father Sir Llewelyn Morgan. Maidservant Elizabeth Phllip. Mary Howell wife of Rhydderch David. Pantanamlwg, Noyadd Fawr, Llan y pryske, Glan Peris, llettu hoyw, weirglod vachan dan y tuy, Adsolwen, Maen Llwyd (occupiers named)
SD/1610/129 Thomas Lewis   Yeoman Sons Edward Thomas & Rees Thomas. Natural daughter Mary vch Thomas. Natural brother Rees Lewis. Thomas Gwin, Phillip Griffith, John Lewis, Hugh Thomas, Griffith Thomas ychan. Witnesses Phillip Griffith. Ievan ap Hugh, Griffith David, Rees Phillip Rees and Llewelyn Morgan clerk.
SD/1612/110 Thomas ap Ievan   Yeoman Wife Elen vch David. Brother Richard ap Jevan.Daughter Elizabeth vch Thomas. Son David Thomas. Kinsman Morgan Thomas. Brother in law Griffith David Lloyd. Margaret vch David.Witnesses Thomas Vaghan gent, Jevan Llewelyn ap John, Rees David Morris, Thomas Jenkin, David Lloyd, Llewelin Morgan clerk. William Moris clerk vicar of Llasnrhystud. Lewis Jenkin. David ap Jevan.
SD/1614/164 Rees ap Rudderch   Gent Wife Jonet vch Lewis. Daughter Gwenllian vch Rees. Son in law Ievan ap Jenkin. Brother William ap Roodz. Neice Jaen Rinallt. Jane Thomas ap Rees. Witnesses James ap Rinallt, Jenkin Griffith, Lewis ap Jefroy and Llewlyn Morgan clerk
SD/1614/162 Jenkin David     Uncle Jenkin ap Jenkin. Nephews Thomas Jenkin, Rees Jenkin. Neices Gwnllian vch Jenkin, Jonett vch Jenkin. Witnesses Griffith ap Griffith, Rees Morgan, Elizabeth vch Rees.
SD/1624/157 Ievan David     Sons Rees ap Jevan David, David ap Jevan, Llewelyn ap Jevan and Hugh ap Jevan. My ghostly father John Richards clerk vicar Llansanfred.
SD/1624/158 Thomas ap Ievan Sion (John)     Jane ap William. Son Lewis Thomas. Natural daughter Jionett. Daughter Elizabeth. Son ??? Thomas
SD/1631/105 Griffith David Lloyd   Yeoman Daughter Ellen Griffith. Youngest son John Griffith. Eldest son Thomas Griffith. 4th son David Griffith. 2nd son and executor Samuel? Griffith. David Griffiths. Richard Griffiths. Daniel Watkin of Llansantffraed. Gwen Thomas. Wife Lowry? David.
SD/1634/100 Jenkin ap Jevan Meredith     Son Jenkin ap Jeuan. Tutor David ap David. Witnesses Rees ap Jevan, Gwenllian vch David Jenkin
SD/1649/72 Rees ap Morgan Jenkin   Yeoman Tythin Tre Vaes in Llanbadarn Trefeglwys Parish.
In Llansantffraed - Morva esgob, Llan y Prisc. Neyadd Fawr. Llain y Llwyn Dy. Craig y Geifer. Batchwilog. Llain y berth. Llain y perthy. Melin Maes Gwin. Llain y Dwfer. Glan vair. Llain Penrhiw
SD/1682/140 Thomas David   Yeoman Nephews Jenkin Morgan and Thomas Morgan,executors, get tenancy of Tythyn y tythyn nos? and 2 tenements called ?Garn maylan where Thomas Griffiths and Thomas Gwyn are tenants at  ????  Nephews Evan Morgan and Gwyn Morgan get 3 tenements. Elen Morgan 40/- Female Morgan 40/-. Joyce Morgan. Morgan David.
SD/1685/217 Prochwell David     Sons  ???? and Samuel. Daughter Margaret
SD/1685/218 Evan David Rees     Son David Evan. Daughters Jayne evan and Elizabeth Evan. Grandchild Jayne David. Daughter Ann Evan. Son in law? Thomas Evan.
SD/1686/129 William Lewis     Oldest and only surviving son Thomas William
SD/1688/143 Rees David     Only a very short inventory
SD/1688/144 Griffith Jenkin Pugh   Yeoman Eldest son Hugh Griffith.  Wife Gwenllian. Daughter Elizabeth
SD/1693/140 Morgan Evans     Damaged Inventory 18s4d. Appraisers John James and Jenkin Evan
SD/1693/141 Jenkin Evans   Clerk Sister Katheryn Evans wife of Llewelyn Jon. Granddaughter Mary James. Inventory 7-10-0
SD/1695/161 Evan Thomas David     Bond. Katherine Evan, widow, of Rhandir Llansantffraed. Jenkin Evan
SD/1695/162 Thomas William   Pauper Inventory by William Griffith and John Jones. 1 cow, 1 mare & colt, a litter pig and household stuff Total 2
SD/1697/123 David William Morgan   Yeoman Grant of Administration to Margaretta. Inventory by David Thomas and Jenkin David
SD/1699/161 Lewis John     Grant of Administration to Lodovici Evan
SD/1699/162 Thomas John     Inventory and Grant
SD/1700/146 William Hugh   Yeoman William John. Margaret John daughter of John ????    ???? John daughter of John Priss, brother in law.   Phillip Pugh. Morgan John the first son of /////  Gwen Hugh. Jonnet Jenkins. Elen Jenkins. 13 invested in mortgage of Tyr y Pwll Glass to John Priss
SD/1706/109 David William   Yeoman Youngest son John Davis. Sons Abraham, Jenkin, William, Nicholas. daughters Jane, Sarah and Ester. Wife Mary. Brothers in law Thoas Evan and John Evan. Executors wife Mary and son Nicholas. Inventory by John Lewy and Tho David
SD/1709/159 Hugh ap Evan   Yeoman Wife Gwenllian John. Sons Evan Hugh and John Hugh. Daughter Mary Hugh. Granddaughters Margaret John and Mary John. Land in the occupation of Richard ??? and Evan John Rees called Llain pen y marn hir belonging to Gwenllian John.
SD/1718/165 Evan Lewis   Yeoman Inventory 5 Feb 1718 by David Lloyd and Morgan Evan. Value 19-9-00. Grant in latin
SD/1723/113 James Richard   Yeoman Bond by Richard Thomas, John Richard and Albanuno Thomas. Grant to Richard Thomas and John Richard.  Inventory by David Evans and Jenkin David.
SD/1728/230 Phillip Evan   Yeoman Cousin? Jack Davies. John Hugh of Llansantffraed occupies land in Llanrhystud called Kain y mawnRhiw and Kain y Ffrood by order of deed of ffeofment dated 26th September 1710. Brother Thomas David. Sister Gainor David. Nephew David Evan. Stepmother and executrix Elenor Morgan.Witnesses Tho. Richard, William ? and David Jenkins. Inventory 26 Feb 1727 by Phillip Thomas and William Morgan
SD/1729/288 Richard Morris     Grant in Latin
SD/1731/223 John Edward   Yeoman Brother David. Evan D Morris. William Lloyd of Llanrhystud. Hugh Lloyd of Llanbadarn. Children of Evan D Morris. Poor of the Parish of Llandewy Aberarth.
SD/1734/148 William Herbert   Vicar/Clerk Sisters Joan Herbert of Llanunus & Hannah Herbert of Llanfihangel y Croythin. Timothy Jones gent of Cardigan.Lewis Daivies gent.  Hugh Jones yeoman.
SD/1737/125 Samuel Hugh     Inventory 24 Jan 1736 taken by John Thomas and Morgan Evan. Value 4. Grant to only sister Jane Hugh sworn March 1736 before Erasmus Lewes
SD/1741/119 Morgan Evan   Gent Sons Daniel, Evan and Thomas. Daughters Sarah, Anne and Mary. Wife Elinor Thomas.
SD/1742/134 Alban Thomas     Wife Catherine Thomas. Evan Thomas of Henveniew.  Evan Morris of Llandewy Aberarth.
SD/1747/182 Lewis Davies Perthygwenin   Administration to Gwen Davies, widow of Llansantffraed. Bond David Philip yeoman Llansantffraed and John Thomas yeoman Llanrhystud. Inventory 41-2-0
PROB 11/1117

Image 173/218

Ann Powell Llanon Spinster 27 May 1784.  In the register Rockingham Quire Numbers 262-314

Llansantffraed Probate Records / Wills 1750 - 1856 in surname order

NLW Ref.No. Name Place Status

Refers to:-

SD/1799/180 John Alban Penlan Gent Eldest daughter Mary Albans. Daughter Elizabeth Albans. Wife Jane. Messuages on morfa Esgob occ by john Evans Jackyrgo, David Jones otherwise David John Owen, Grace Lewis and the Meeting house called Ty Cynhwrdd Llanon with a house, garden and stable
SD/1821/164 David David alias David John Penyfagwr Gent Wife Elizabeth Jones. Children John David, Mary David and Margaret David. New house built last summer adj Penfagwr to son John. (John at Rhyd y dorth when will proved.)
SD1817/141 Evan David Llan-non, the Chapel Gent House in tenure of Mary Jenkin to eldest son John Evan of Rhyd y Dorth issa. Own house to eldest daughter Mary Evan. House occ by David James to youngest son David Evan. House occ by Pryse William to youngest daughter Elizabeth Evan. Slangs Llain Llanprisk and Llain Garngoch.
SD/1798/180 John David   Gent Wife Jane David.Son David Davies age 3. Daughter Elizabeth. Brother David Davies. Messuage Penypompren in Llanbadarn Trefeglwys in tenure of Evan Jones.
SD/1776/140 Rees David   Single man Sisters Jane, Mary, Catherine and Margaret. Brother Evan.
David and Elinor William. Niece Jane Evan. Jane Morgan. John Rees tylor.
SD/1851/15 Ann Davies The Swan Llanon Widow Daughters Catherine Jones of Tanyrallt and Margaret Jones wife of John Master Mariner of Penglanfair. Grand daughters Mary and Ann Davies
SD/1798/181 David Davies     Admin granted to widow Anne Davies
SD/1788/187 Evan Davies   Gent Admin granted to son William Davies
SD/1797/165 Isaac Davies     Admin granted to widow Anne Davies
SD/1799/181 Isaac Davies   Infant Admin granted to Anne Davies widow, mother of deceased infant
SD/1789/144 Jane Davies Morfa Mawr   2 sisters Esther and Rachel and their children-Evan Lewis, Mary David, Jane Lewis, Evan Morice, Thomas Morice, John Morice, Catherine Mason, Anne Morice.
Evan, minister, son of Morice Jenkins Llanuchayron
Stephen Jones son of Rees Jones of Park Rhudderch.
Mary David wife of Thomas David of Llandewy Brefi
SD/1805/177 Jane Davies     Admin granted to brother David Stephen
SD/1836/225 Jenkin Davies Penheol Victualler Wife Margaret. Sons Jenkin, David and James. Daughter Anne Evans
SD/1804/194 John Davies Llanprisk Yeoman Wife Jane. Cousin Jenkin Llewelyn. John Thomas Penrheol.
Niece Mary wife of Thomas Morgan. Timothy James, son of Daniel James of Pennant. Jane, wife of John Thomas miller Llanbadarn Trefeglwys. Nephew John Evans
SD/1812/155 John Davies Hafod-Wyhnog Perthygwenin Gent Wife Jemima. Sons Paul and Apollos an officer of Excise. Daughters Letitia wife of David Edwards,  Gwenllian wife of William James, Eleanor, and Ann wife of John David of Llanrhystud. Ann and John James children of Gwenllian and William. Executor John Lloyd of Mabws.
SD/1836/226 John Davies Rhoserops Farmer Wife Anne Davies
SD/1810/188 Margaret Davies Maesyreglwys   Late husband William Davies Alltlwyd. Sons William and Evan. Daughters Mary, Margaret and Ann. Unnamed grandchildren living in Llansantffraed.
SD/1802/193 William Davies   Farmer Wife Margaret, Sons Evan and William, Daughters Margaret Pugh, Mary Jenkins, Anne Williams
SD/1821/162 William Davies Pantwhilog  Maesyreglwys Gent Wife Anne. Children David and Anne. John Hughes Alltlwyd and Lewis Jones shopkeeper Trustees of Pantwhilog and Waunfach for wife for life and children till 21.
SD/1857/74 William Davies Penlon Farmer Wife Hannah to sell Penlanfair to pay debts and mortgage. Sons Thomas, Evan, David and Lewis. Daughter Catherine. Trustees David Morgan Alltlwyd and David Williams Court to use the rents paid by Thomas Jones Joiner to support son Thomas for life.
SD/1833/208 Thomas Edwards Penlanfach   To rest in good oak coffin beside late wife. Wife Margaret Edwards. Son Edward Edwards. Daughters Mary Rees and Dorothy Jones who now reside in London
SD/1762/135 Daniel Evan   Yeoman Sons Morgan Daniel, Richard Daniel, Evan Daniel. Daughter Mary Daniel. Wife Margaret Evan
SD/1782/172 David Evan     Neices Elizabeth Jenkins and Catherine Jenkins. Brothers Jenkin Evan and Thomas Richards. 5 to be paid to the poor of the parish.
SD/1775/136 Jane Evan   Widow Neices Diana David and Jonet David. Nephews John Evan and John David.
SD/1786/169 Jenkin Evan     Daughter Catherine Evan
SD/1807/211 John Evan     Widow Catherine Evan
SD/1784/169 Morgan Evan     Nephew Thomas Morgan
SD/1838/22 Catherine Evans Tycam Widow Sons in law Daniel Jones mariner and Jenkin Jones Llansantffraed. Daughters Dorothy Jones and Mary Jones. Sons David and Thomas Evans. 30 to John Evans, mariner of Penmorfa. Slangs on Morfa Esgob- Llain Rhydydorth, Llainmaenllwyd. Trustees of the will - Alban Albans of Penycastell Llanrhystud and Jenkin Jones Llansantffraed. Witnesses Thomas Evans shopkeeper, John Evans Good Hope and Ino Jones Tyllwyd
SD/1762/135 Daniel Evans   Yeoman Wife Margaret Evan. Sons Morgan Daniel, Richard Daniel & Evan Daniel. Daughter Mary Daniel. Inventory 7-10-9 appraisers Jenkin Evan and Evan Jenkin.
SD/1823/177 Daniel Evans Morfa Mawr   Widow Esther Evans
SD/1826/211 Daniel Evans Morfa Mawr Farmer Will left unadministered by Widow Esther Evans. Admin granted to Edward Rowland Reynolds, yeoman of Clydey Pembs, William Lewis Yeoman of Llangrannog and Benjamin Evans of Llansantffraed, guardians lawfully appointed of Catherine, Elizabeth, Stephen and Evan Evans, children of the late Daniel.
SD/1793/148 David Evans     Son John Evans
SD/1823/178 David Evans Llanprisk   Widow Magdalene Evans
SD/1826/212 David Evans Morfa Ucha Farmer/Minister of the Gospel Sons Benjamin, Daniel and David.3 un-named daughters.
Shares in sloops "Rachel and Sally" "Sisters" and "Fancy"
Farm in Llanllwchairarn called Perthygwenin issa. Wife Elizabeth? Witnesses Evan Evans and David Davies schoolmaster Aberaeron
SD/1829/255 David Evans Felin-fol Farmer Administration to brother Jenkin Evans, Penpompren, Llansantffraed
SD/1834/252 David Evans Tycam Gent/ Captain Wife Catherine.Sons David and Thomas. Slang Maenllwyd on Morfa Esgob. 10oz of Sloop"Resolution" at Aberystwyth. witnesses David Herbert, Nathaniel Williams and Daniel Jones
SD/1839/210 David Evans Llan-non Mariner Admin. to Elizabeth Evans
SD/1841/101 David Evans Llan-non Net maker Sister Elizabeth Jones widow of Moses Jones Llanon. Debtors -Evan Evans Penlan Llanbadarn Fach, Thomas Evans shopkeeper, Sarah Davies Cnwch Llandewi Aberarth, Evan Evans Cilfforch Henfeniw. Shares in ships 'Atalanta' of Aberystwyth and 'Lively' of Cardigan.
SD/1854/108 David Evans The Star Farmer Wife Mary Evans (widow of Evan Morris) Step daughter Jane Morris. Daughter Elizabeth Evans. Brothers Benjamin and Daniel. sisters Elizabeth and Anne. Witnesses David Jones, Penllyn, Jenkin Jones Ontario, Ino Jones Tyllwyd. Relieving Officer John Jones GlanClydan
SD/1853/193 Elizabeth Evans Albion House, Llanon Widow Daughter Elizabeth. son in law Morgan Jones Master Mariner of Albion House
SD/1824/184 Esther Evans   Widow Admin to brother in law David Evans gent of Morfa Mawr during minorities of children. Bond 600-Reverend David Evans Morfa Mawr, Edward R Reynolds gent Pembs and David Jenkins gent of Cardigan
SD/1826/213 Esther Evans   Widow Edward R Reynolds yeoman of Cludey PEMBS, William Lewis  yeoman of Llangrannog and Benjamin Evans, yeoman of Llansantffraed to be guardians of Catherine Evans, Elizabeth Evans, Benjamin Evans, Stephen Evans and Evan Evans children of deceased
SD/1820/189 Jenkin Evans Penybank Gent Wife Judith to get house and cottage built by John David Evan Rees together with gardens and parcels of land on Morfa Esgob in the tenure of Anne James and the deceased. Grand daughter Mary Williams. Son Owen Evans. Daughters Elizabeth wife of William Thomas and Anne wife of John Richards
SD/1845/101 John Evans Ceylon House Master Mariner Widow Rachel Evans, Ceylon House. Bond 400 - Rachel Evans widow, David Jones farmer Felinfach Llansantffraed and Morgan Edwards farmer Llansantffraed. Inventory 25-19-0 plus small vessel Enterprise of Aberystwyth 108 and debts owed to deceased 75
SD/1829/255 David Evans Felinfoel Farmer Admin to brother, Jenkin Evans of Penpompren, Llansantffraed
SD/1829/256 Judeth Evans Penybank Widow Late husband Jenkin Evans. Granddaughter Mary Davies, wife of Christmas Davies at Penybank. Great granddaughter Mary Davies.  Son Owen Evans to have the fishing boat.
SD/1831/207 Morgan Evans Hafod   Eldest son Evan Evans of Hafod
SD/1821/163 Evan Francis Penrheol, Llanon   Next of kin Mary Francis Penrheol, Llanon
SD/1828/232 John Francis Cross   Wife Elizabeth. Small farm called Cross
SD1770/129 Thomas Griffith   Yeoman Eldest daughter Anne Thomas. 2nd daughter Mary wife of David Evans. Wife Margaret. Eldest son Griffith Thomas. youngest daughters Sarah and Margaret. 'David Lloyd of Brainiog, agent for Lady Dorothy viscountess Lisburne demised to me Morfa Mawr where I now live for 21 years'
SD1840/87 Lewis Griffiths Llan-non Mariner Brother john. wife Elizabeth
SD1836/227 David Herbert   Clerk Son William curate of Glasbury Radnor to have Rhydfechan and Rhydbeillion in Llanarth  occ by John Griffith, Glanrhos in Llanarth occ by David Evans, Post alias horse and Plough, Llanarth occ by David Thomas, Garnfach in Llansantffraed and lotof common in Haminiog occ by John Jenkins.
Wife to have other property in Llansantffraed- house he lives in a 5 slangs on Morfa Esgob and cottages occ by Timothy Edwards, Catherine Jenkins, John Williams, David Davies, Sarah Jones, David Davies and a slang called ????, a tenement Tanyrallt and part of farm called Tymawr occ by David Jones.
Daughter Mary Parry wife of David Parry Vicar of Llywel Radnor to have Tymawr occ by John Jones (all that above the turnpike road and the fields in tenure of Jane Williams Llwynteg.) Miss Jones of Llanbadarn Fawr to get all the India property at Madras left me by will of her brother Thomas Herbert Jones, provided that she pays all her brothers debts.
SD1758/124 Morgan Herbert   Gent Wife not named. Cousins John Hughes gent of Ty mawr Kilcennin (and his daughter Susannah Hughes), Peter Herbert of Kilkennin, Thomas and Judith Herbert of Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, Jane Lloyd wife of Richard Lloyd. Aunt Catherine Lloyd widow Llanarth. Uncle John Evans of Killieayron
SD/1777/156 David Evan Hugh     Son John Davies
SD/1853/232 Elizabeth James Pen'ralltwen Widow Elizabeth James now at Lloeger fach. Eldest son David James. Eldest daughter Ann Jones of Lloeger fach. 2nd son James James of Brynpithill llandewi Aberarth. Youngest daughter Catherine Evans. 1 sixteenth of smack Beryl of Aberaeron to Ann and Catherine jointly 'their husbands have nothing to do with them (the legacies) in any way whatsoever.'. Trustee Evan Morgans shopkeeper Aberystwyth. Witness Evan Evans Cwm, David Evans lluest, David Evans Benlan Uchaf
SD/1844/105 William James Pen'ralltwen Farmer Wife Elizabeth. Eldest son David. Eldest daughter Anne jones lloeger fach. youngest daughter Catherine Jones Pentre. youngest son James. Trustee John Phillips Lanlas and Benjamin Evans AberaeronWitness John Phillips Lanlas, William Jones Cefen gwyn
SD/1807/212 David Jenkin     Son John Jenkin
SD/1767/179 Gwen Jenkin   Widow Daughters Catherine, Elinor and Mary
SD/1801/176 John Jenkin Rhyd y Dorth Yeoman Daughters Margaret and Mary, wife of Evan Griffith, Llanon. Son Jenkin living  in a cottage at Rhyd y Dorth
SD/1833/209 Daniel Jenkins Bont Mariner Widow Catherine Jenkins
SD/1766/191 Jenkin Jenkins   Yeoman Wife Mary David. Daughters Gwen Jane and Catherine. Ty Canol and slangs
SD/1819/198 John Jenkins Wernllaeth Gent Daughter Elizabeth Evan wife of William Evan Wernllaeth. Daughters Jane, Mary, Anne, Margaret. Grandson John Davies of Gwernllaeth. Son Jenkin Jones of Garnfoel to pay 60 to sisters from marriage settlement. 50 in hands of Morgan Evans, Hafodperis, 100 with John Lloyd Trecefel, Tregaron, 120 with Zacheus jones Bronenne, llanbadarn Trefeglwys, 40 with John Phillips Lawen gwyn, Llanbad, 20 with Griffith Edwards Panyrhwch Gartheli. sole executor john Phillips Ceven Gwyn
SD/1850/238 John Jenkins Llan-non Farmer Wife Elizabeth. Nephews David Morgan Cwmbach Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, John Jones Croes Llansantffraed, David Jones Felinfach Llansantffraed. Neice Catherine Herbert Brynffosydd Llanrhystud Mefenydd. Wife's nephew Evan Evans late of Lluestyrhos. Freehold slang on Morfa Esgob called Gringae
SD/1764/201 Stephen Jenkins   Yeoman Wife  not named. Daughters Catherine,Jane and Gwen. Only son David Stephen. Brother Jenkin Jenkins. Nephew Stephen John
SD/1762/92 David John     wife unreadable John
SD/1821/164 David John Penyfagwr Gent alias David David. Son John David. New house adjoining Penfagwr "built last summer"
SD/1815/161 Catherine Jones Llan-non Widow Will dated 1812. Late husband Jenkin Jones, Porthmawr. Grandson Jenkin Jones (son of Daniel Jones, Porthmawr). Eldest son John Jones. Son Morgan Jones, Penlone. Son David Jones,Kilgwgan Fach Llandewi. Daughter Mary Evans, wife of David Ty Mawr, Kilkennin. Daughter Anne Davies, wife of William, Maeseglwys
SD/1828/233 Daniel Jones Noyadd, Llanon Gent Wife Magdalene. Second son John Jones to inherit 3 dwelling houses and gardens in Llanrhystud occ by John Davies carrier, Catherine Oliver widow and Thomas Evans cooper and 2 ounces of sloop Diligence of Aberystwyth. Noyadd - the house I live in and house occ by James Evans mason and house son David Jones teaches school plus outhouses and slang under mortgage from Colonel Lewis Llanairon to wife and thereafter to daughter Elizabeth provided she care for son Jenkin Jones for his lifetime.
SD1844/63 David Jones Pentypark Farmer Wife Anne. Sons Griffith, BlaenHaul, Llandewi Aberarth, Jenkin Living at Pentyparc. Daughters Mary Herbert, Trialbach, Jane Jones living at Pentyparc, Anne Rees, Ty'nygwndwn, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys. Granddaughter Ann Jones (daughter of Griffith). Freehold property Plasybwlen with garden and 2 slangs on Morfa Esgob.  Witnesses John Jones Llwynteg, David Morgan Park and Ino Jones Tyllwyd. Inventory 116-5-0
SD/1853/354 David Jones Maes yr Eglwys Gent Wife Mary. Sons Daniel, Evan, Lewis, John, David. Daughters Mary, Anne, wife of Timothy Jones and Catherine, wife of Jenkin Jenkins. Ounces (shares) in vessels Enterprise, Ontario, Lima, Vigilant. House and garden,Penrheol, occupied by Mr Evans. Ground to build 2 houses on road from Llanon to Pantwhylog. House and garden, New Ceylon.
SD/1826/214 Elizabeth Jones Garreglwyd Maesybwlen, Llanon Single woman Neices Catherine Rees, wife of John, Troedyrhiw, and Sarah Lewis, daughter of David Lewis, Llanrhystud
SD/1805/178 Jenkin Jones Porthmawr Farmer Sons John, David, Morgan, Daniel. Daughters Anne and Mary (wife of David Evans, Ty Mawr). Wife Catherine. Neuadd Fawr, Llanon late in the occupation of John Evans, salt officer. Trusty friends John Morgan, Cwmbach and Jenkin Morgan, Tyllwyd.
SD/1785/190 John Jones   Cobbler Daughter Margaret John. Sister in law Gwen John
SD/1814/180 John Jones Llan-non   Wife Elinor Jones
SD/1845/318 John Jones Tymawr Farmer Will dated 1841. sons David, Jenkin, Daniel, Morgan, John (youngest) and (Lewis deceased). Grandsons (sons of Lewis) John and Daniel. Inventory by David Herbert and David Jones 78-6-0
SD/1855/159 John Jones Gwastod Master Mariner Wife Margaret. Bond- Margaret Jones widow Gwastod, Evan Davies mason Llanprisc and David Jones mason Ciliau Aeron
SD/1832/213 Lewis Jones Tynffynnon   Brothers David Jones of Maeseglwys and Jenkin Jones of Glanyrafon. Children John and Daniel Jones. Maid Servant Margaret Evans. Executor Nathaniel Williams, Llwynteg. Witnesses David Herbert and Evan Davies
SD/1853/266 Thomas Jones Penlanyrodyn Labourer Sons John, Rhosfach and David. Deceased daughter Jane Williams, New Inn. Granddaughter Elizabeth Jones, Rhosfach "who is living with me". Grandsons David Jones, Penlan, John Jones, Trial Llanrhystud.
SD/1855/49 Timothy Jones Llan-non Master Mariner Bond - Timothy's father Stephen Jones, Pencwm, farmer,  John Jones, Glancledan, relieving officer and David Williams, Tynant, farmer
SD/1785/199 David Lewis   Yeoman Sons Lewis and John. wife Mary. wife to take charge of the lease and that part of a vessel now being built.
SD/1845/91 Lewis Lewis Cwm Gent Wife Mary. Daughter Catherine. Cousin Mr Lewis Lewis of Aberystwyth. Son John Lewis. Trustee Jenkin Jenkins Tyngwndwn. Witness Jenkin jones llanon and David jones Penllyn. Bond Mary Lewis Cwm, David Daniel Digoed farmer, Thomas Evans grocer Llansantffraed
SD/1825/234 David Llewelyn Court   Father Jenkin Llewelyn
SD/1835/241 Mary Llewelyn Cwrtmwnws Widow Daughter Elinor Williams of Cwrtymwnws wife of David Williams master mariner
SD/1813/182 Elizabeth Lloyd Lluest y Maen Llwyd Widow Son john. Daughter Catherine wife of David Hughes Moelfryn bach. Daughter Margaret wife of Evan Jenkin. Grandsons John and Hugh sons of David Hughes Moelfryn. Son David.  Ann wife of Evan Davies weaver Dole bach mynydd 1. Meeting House Llanon 1
SD/1788/188 Jenkin Lloyd   Yeoman Brother Evan Jenkin of Maesgwynne. Nephew David Evan, son of Evan Jenkin.
SD/1836/228 John Lloyd Lluestmaunllwyd  Henfforfach Gent  
SD/1806/182 Llywelyn Lloyd Lluest Maenllwyd Gent Wife Elizabeth. Eldest son John Lloyd had Lluest Maenllwyd as marriage settlement. Son David Lloyd to have Brynmaen in Llanbadarn Trefeglwys. Daughter Elizabeth wife of John Evan 50. Daughters Catherine and Margaret 50s each
SD/1764/202 Mary Lloyd   Widow Grandaughter Catherine David 30. Grandsons David John and morgan John 10 each at 21. Nephews and Neices Owen Lloyd, Margaret Lloyd, Ann Lloyd. Servant Rees David. Youngest Daughter Margaret David. Son in law William David
SD/1785/192 David Lodwick     Wife Dianah Lodowick
SD/1828/234 Jenkin Lywelyn Cwrtmwnws Gent Wife Mary Lewelyn. Son Daniel Jenkins to have Penybont and slang bought from Rev David Herbert next to the slang Daniel purchased from Jenkin Thomas.  Eldest daughter Margaret wife of Ebenezer Davies Mariner to have old Cwrtmwnws lat occ by David Jenkins mariner and David Evans labourer and slangs on morfa Esgob. Youngest daughter Elinor spinster to have Cwrtymwnws. 2 grandsons David and Jenkin Jenkins 20 each at 21
SD/1823/179 Catherine Morgan Pantyrodyn Widow Eldest daughter Mary Morgan spinster to have Rhosgoch purchased from John Lewis of Rhiwlass Issa Kilkennin occ by David Davies smith, and Bryngog purchased from Richard Jones butcher, occ by John Edwards labourer and David Daniel weaver, and Cae Tynycoed purchased from David Daniel gent.
Youngest daughter Elizabeth wife of John Hughes of Gwrthwint 5
Grandaughters Mary and Catherine Hughes 10 each at 21. Witness David Lloyd of Ffynon Howell and Francis Davies servant at Pantyrodyn.
SD/1853/344 David Morgan Court y banc Farmer Wife Anne. Children not named.
SD/1789/145 Evan Morgan   Gent Wife Catherine-properties purchased in his lifetime Pwllglas, Penygarnfawr, Lluest Hen, Ffinie, Tudanydderwen at Llanprisk, Tygwyn and Stabolgoch in village of Llansantffraed currently occupied by Richard Jones, John Jenkin, Enoch John, Richard Thomas and others.
 Daughter Mary to inherit after Catherine, also to have Tyddinpantyrodin which Evan inherited subject to provisions of settlement on Evans marriage to Catherine.
Nephew William Williams to have Towntry occ by John Thomas.
Brothers Daniel and Thomas 1 shilling each. Nephew John Lewis of Tyn y Coed 1s. Friends John Evans, John Alban Pennlan , Griffith Davies of Llanrhystud
SD/1846/291 Evan Morgan Perthygwenin Gent Wife Magdalene. Daughters Margaret wife of Daniel Evans, Elinor wife of David Jones and Sarah widow. Son John.  Grandson John son of Elinor. Brother Lewis. Nephew David Morgan son of Lewis
SD/1831/208 John Morgan Tynant Gent Nephew Morgan Williams and Jane his wife (also my neice) to get the house provided they care for and maintain John's aged sister Mary Morgan. Neice Mary Williams 10 at 21. witness Evan Morgan Perthygwenin and Lewis Morgan Pantanamlwg.
SD/1850/242 Lewis Morgan Pantanamlwg Gent Refers to Indenture 10th Feb 1808 . 3 younger children Evan Morgan, Mary Morris wife of Evan Morris and Anne Morgan to share the 200 charged on Pantanamlwg.
Daughter Anne Morgan to get Taihirion occ by Evan Jones and 2 other dwellings occ by Timothy Edwards and David Williams,tailor, Haminiog occ by Henry Price, Cae Mary Moses occ by Catherine Lloyd, Tytwrt occ by Evan James and Evan Morris and Llainfinie
Grandson Lewis Morris - house occ by Thomas Francis, house occ by David Morgan (John Jones crossed out) and the site of a house adjoining, Llainberthddu occ by Evan Morris and slang adj to beach occ by Evan Morris. Grandson David Morris to inherit if Lewis dies.
SD/1849/364 Magdalen Morgan Llan-non Widow late husband Evan Morgan Perthygwenin. Daughter Mary Lloyd of Pennant 30. Rest equally to Son John Morgan Adsolwen, Daughter Margaret Evans Garnfach, Sarah jones Blaengwenin and granson john Jones now living with me
SD/1835/242 William Morgan Penfron   Son Thomas Morgan to have Penfron consisting of dwelling, cowhouse, garden and piece of land adjoining. Admin to Thomas Morgan mariner.
SD/1850/286 William Morgan Pwllglas ucha Carpenter, Farmer Eldest daughter Jane Richard (widow)to get lease, stock and chattels. Eldest son Daniel Morgan to get 10 at 1 per year. Grandson William Morgan living in London 10 at 21. Daughter Ann Morgans to collect 10 in hands of John Jones Rhosfach. Grandson Thomas Richards to get working tools.
SD/1813/183 Daniel Morgans Pantamlwg Gent Eldest son Evan Morgan Perthygwenyn 5/-. Youngest son Lewis Morgan 5/-.
Grandson Morgan Morgan (son of Daniel Morgan deceased) 10 at 21 or to set him in a trade. Residue to wife Mary morgans and daughter Elinor Jones (widow of john Jones. Witness David Herbert, Jenkin Morgan
SD/1840/28 James Morice Haminiog Scrivener, Gent Wife Ann. Witnesses Lewis and David Morgan Pantanamlwg and John Morgan Adsolwen
SD/1829/257 Evan Morris Penybont-fach Gent Sons Evan, John, David. Daughter Mary. Wife Mary. Friends Lewis Morgan Pantanamlwg, John Jones Garnfoel and Jenkin Thomas Benlan Issa (Aberarth). Evan - Penybont-fach. Bontfach occ by Catherine Baynon, Llainyscwarnoges occ by Thomas Griffiths (bought from Daniel Evans Pengarreg Henfenyw), Tyr David Stephen (bought from Thomas Davies Cardigan)Llain y garn (bought from Richard Jones butcher Llanon).
John - Crosty bach occ by David Evans. Penygarn occ by Mary Griffiths widow. Houses and storehouses near Felin Mor occ by Thomas Moris, Thomas Daniel, John Daniel, Daniel Thomas, Thomas Davies (the estate left to me by my grandfather Evan Thomas and part of the same estate that I bought from my cousin Evan Lewis)
Mary - Bwlchglasucha occ by William Morgan(bought from said William Morgan)
Houses and slangs Penrhewl on Morfa Esgob- occ by Mary Jones widow(Garreg Lwyd), David Williams, David Davies and John Samuel, Ann Evan Rheynold; Cae David - Penrhewl, lLain Penafon, Llain Arddory, Llain Penllyn ooc by me (all bought from Mary Jenkins widow of Daniel Jenkins late of Tyglyn ucha and David Jenkins son and heir plus a slang i bought of Nathaniel Williams)
Wife - Slangs on Morfa Esgob bought from William Lewis Llanayron Esqand his son John Lewis.  Morgage by demise of Toedyrhiw. Slangs on Morfa Esgob occ by John Rees. Live rent free at Penybont-fach till death or remarriage.
SD/1819/199 Jenkin Moses Rhyd-y-dorth-ucha Farmer Son David Jenkin Penfor Llanrhystud 5/-. Son Owen Jenkin Tryal Bacj 5/-.
Daughter Jane Jones wife of Thomas jones Hafodwnog Issa gent 5/-. Residue to wife Catherine Jenkin and Daughter Elizabeth Jenkin. Grant 7 June 1819 to Elizabeth now wife of Daniel Lewis
SD/1788/189 Owen Philip     Wife not named. Sons David and John. Daughters Catherine and Jane. half a fishing boat and a third of the shalloop called Lovely Peggy
SD/1857/85 David Pugh Llan-non Tailor, Farmer, Bachelor Bond to Mary Pugh widow, Morgan Jones master mariner and John Pugh all of Llanon. Grant to Mary Pugh mother of the deceased. Father dead.
SD/1763/178 David Rees     Nephews Lewis and john Thomas. Nephew Evan John Rees. Neice Peggy daughter of sister Jane. David son of john Thomas. David son of Lewis Thomas. Betty daughter of Lewis Thomas. Brother John. Rees son of brother John. Step son Morgan. Step son John
SD/1816/142 David Rees New Inn Blacksmith Wife Mary Rees. Witness Ja Morris New Inn, John Griffiths Lluest fach, David Evans New Inn.
SD/1798/182 Jenkin Rees Lloeger fach Yeoman Wife Mary. Her son John. Grandson Jenkin son of Evan morgan tynlone llandewi. Grandaughter Mary daughter of John Evan blacksmith (as she is lame)'5 for her education in school as her livelyhood may thereby be gained in an honest manner.'. son David Jenkin. Trustees David Beynon of ????? and john Beynon his son.
SD/1851/30 John Rees Troedyrhyw Tidewaiter Wife Mary Rees. Daughter Mary Rees. Eldest son John Rees blacksmith, Newport Monmouth. Son Griffith Rees. Sarah Morris Rees. Son Isaac. Daughters Catherine and Sarah.4 dwelling houses with gardens, cowhouse carthouse and smithshop and fiel called Arddlas and land on Morfa Esgob.
SD/1762/136 David Thomas Richard   Innkeeper Daughters Mary and Jane 20 each on marriage. Son John 20 provided he he will be discharged from his majesty's service. (refers to rumours of his death). eldest son William Davies. Daughter Margaret wife of Evan Davies. Wife Mary David
SD/1812/156 Thomas Richard Llanprisc   Damaged document. Daughters Elinor, Mary, Jane, Catherine & youngest daughter Anne Richards. Sons Evan Richard, David Richard, John Richard and Thomas Richard. Son in law Evan Evans. Blacksmiths shop to Thomas. Slangs Garn Goch Ucha and Garn Goch Issa on Morfa Esgob. John Lloyd Mabws owes 60 to go to 5 daughters. Witness David Herbert vicar, Daniel Jones Porthmawr, David Evans Maesgwyn.
SD/1854/314 David Richards Llanprisc Gent Wife Margaret Richards. Eldest son David Richards. Deceased son Thomas Richards. son John Richards. Daughter Sarah Harries wife of Morgan Harries cooper.Children of Thomas Richards deceased. Eldest grandsons David son of David Richards, David son of John Richards, David son of Thomas Richards, David son of Sarah Harries. Slangs on morfa Esgob called Garngoch isaf and Garngoch uchaf. Witness Rev Jenkin Jones Llanon, Ebenezer Jenkins, David Morgan Schoolmaster
SD/1850/108 William Richards Llawddwr Farmer Bond to Mary Richards Llawdwr widow, Evan Lloyd Penfarteg, Llanbadarn TrefeglwysDavid morgan Penlon Llansantffraed
SD/1765/166 Evan Thomas Porthmawr   Wife Mary Jenkin. Daughters Jane Evan, Catherine Evan and Rachel Evan. Grandsons Evan Lewis, Evan Evans. Grand daughters not named. Son in law Evan Morgan
SD/1785/193 Griffith Thomas     Grant to Anne Stephen sister, wife of David Stephen of Llansantffraed
SD/1827/211 Jenkin Thomas Glanyrafon Llanon   Wife Ann. Eldest son John Thomas. Sons David and Evan. Trustee Owen Jenkins Maesybwlen
SD/1809/167 John Thomas Bryngwyn lease Yeoman Wife Hannah. Son John Jones and other children
SD/1766/192 Richard Thomas     Grant to Elinor Davies Thomas? widow, sister and next of kin
SD/1829/258 Mary Lloyd Walters Llan-non   Grant to Mr David Herbert
SD/1784/170 Morgan William Cwrt   Eldest son William. Youngest son Morgan. Wife Catherine
SD/1811/174 Averina Williams Llanrhystud   Wife of David. Daughters Mary and Magdalene. Son in law Daniel Jones
SD/1811/175 David Williams Llanrhystud Shopkeeper Wife Averina. Daughters Mary Williams and Magdalene Jones wife of Daniel Jones Porthmawr. TyMawr estate, Llanrhystud and slang exchanged with John Lloyd Esq Mabws for part of a garden in Aberystwyth. Sons William and Lewis by first wife already provided for previously. 3 cottages and gardens and slang previously given to Daniel Jones as marriage settlement.
SD/1819/200 James Williams Penalltwen Yeoman Son David. Daughter Elizabeth. Grandson James Jones. Daughter Margaret. Grandaughter Ann Davis
SD/1837/42 Jane Williams Llwynteg, Llanon Widow Daughter Mary Davies wife of Stephen Davies Neuaddfach. Evan Jones taylor Llanon owes 40. Jane Benjamin widow tyncwm owes 20. Grandson Daniel Jones. Trustee alban albans Penycastell. witness Thomas Evans Good hope, Jenkin jones Penllyn, Jane Jones Tyllwyd
SD/1854/59 Jane Williams Tynant Widow Son John - 2/64 share of Schooner Ontario. Daughter Mary - 4/64 share of smack Mary Anne Eliza. Daughter Catherine. Son and Executor David. Trustees Evan Evans Rhydorthucha and Morgan Jones Gwarffynnon. Witnesses Ino Jones Glancledan and Evan Evans Rhydorth. Will dated 13 Aug 1853. Bond 400 by David Williams John Jones relieving officer Llanon and John Thomas. Grant to David Williams Tynant 4th Feb 1854. (Included in the bundle is the will of Elizabeth Harries widow of Tenby 20 June 1853.)
SD/1835/243 Nathaniel Williams Llan-non Minister of the Gospel To wife Jane Williams Tygwyn Llansantffraed,Llwynteg Llanon and Tyn y cwm occ by Jane Benjamin.
Slangs-Llainwen, Llainberthlauas, Budaen, Llainyrodyn. llaingwbenid, Llainygoilanfelen and others.
Wife's daughter Mary Davies wife of Stephen of Brissig Mawr.Wife's grandsons Daniel and John Jones. Brother Benjamin Williams. Nephews-Thomas, Nathaniel and William Williams. Niece Anne Williams.