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Extracts made by E Dockerty, Llansantffraed History Society

The account of money disbursed by William Sinnett overseer of the poor in the parish of Llansantffraid towards the relief of the poor and other purposes in the said parish. 12th May 1817 to 12th November 1817 being six months

  To the bishops court at Llanrhystid meeting 0-07-0   3 days expenses at Aberystwyth quarter sessions 0-17-0  
  Paid Mr Maurice the att 2 Ale 8/8 2-08-8   Paid for Mr John Evans Oath and removal 0-08-0  
  Two journeys with the said Mr John Evans to Aberaeron 0-03-0   Journey with Elizabeth Jones to Llanrhystud 1/- 0-03-0  
  Journey with C Jones to Llandovery 2/-     Ale at Llanrhystid 3/6. Journey to Lampeter quarter sessions 5/- 0-08-6  
  John Davies Pendre 6-13-4   David Nathen 6-10-0  
  John Williams Llansilo 5-04-0   Evan Jones Llansantffraed 2-02-8  
  Mary Michael Jenkins 2-00-3   David Evans Mydroilyn 2-09-6  
  John Hughes, Llanarth 1-19-0   Richard Morris, Llanychaearn 1-19-0  
  David Edward and his daughter, bastard child 4-15-3   Gwen David, baker 1-19-9  
  Jane Nathan 0-19-6   Wife of Jack Saer 4-02-10  
  David Davies, Penbrynpoeth 3-05-0   David Lewis 3-19-09  
  Hannah Thomas,bastard child 1-10-0   John Glean. bastard child 1-10-0  
  Michael Robert 2-15-11   Michael Robert, house rent 1-10-0  
  Michael Evan Stephen 3-18-0   James Morris 0-17-0  
  John Thomas, Tahirion 3-18-0   John Davies, Bristol 6-10-0  
  County stock 2 quarters 8-19-0   John Jones, Plasbach for keep of his same sister 2-12-0  
  New shift for ditto 0-05-0   Margaret David, Llanarth 1-17-6  
  David Davies, Aberystwyth 1-05-6   John Rowland 0-13-0  
  Richard Jones alias Dick Bach 1-08-6   Jenkin Daniel, Llanprisc 1-02-0  
  John William. Box 0-15-11   Mary David Johns 1-16-0  
  Sarah John Taylor 1-13-6   Ann Evan Raynard 0-07-8  
  David Thomas William, Rhosminiog 0-17-7   John Parry, Llanon 1-16-0  
  Margaret John Michael 1-03-5   Magdalene Francis 1-06-0  
  Edward Edward, Llanon 0-11-8   John Evan Bruce 0-11-8  
  David Thomas, Rhosminiog 3-00-8   Thomas David Thomas 1-02-8  
  Margaret David Morgan 1-02-0   David Jenkin Troedrhiw 0-10-8  
  Sarah John. Llanon 2-12-0   Catherine Enoch 2-02-0  
  David Daniel. Pwllglas 2-05-0   Mary Thomas Williams.1-06-0. Carrying turfs 6/- 1-12-0  
  John Aeron 1-11-3   John Edward 0-03-10  
  Evan David Richard 1-19-4   John Jones. Llowdeor 0-03-10  
  Evan Thomas. Cwm-pen-castell 1-02-7   John Lloyd. Treddol 0-11-0  
  Daniel Davis. Penpontbren 3-10-6   Ann Evans. Canaan 0-19-6  
  Mary Richard Jones 18/-. Digging grave 2/10 1-00-10   Lewis Jones. Trefenter 0-15-6  
  John Elias 0-06-0   Jenkin Morgan. late Trial bach 2-08-4  
  Wife of David Evans 0-04-0   John Davies for keep of boy near Lampeter 0-06-0  
  David Edward for keeping his son 2-10-0   David Jenkin. near Pennant 1-17-3  
  Margaret Williams. New Castle 2-02-0   Thomas Nathan 2-10-3  
  Thomas Nathan for keep of his mother 1-06-0   John Lewis of Llanon 0-06-0  
  Signing of assessments 4/-. Paper 2/- 0-06-0   Pass to vagrants 1-12-9  
  Carriage to Llanrhistid 2/6. To Llandovery 5/- 0-07-6   Billiting and lodgings to ditto in the Ship 0-07-6  
  Glazier 12/10. mending bridge 5/- 0-17-10   New nails to bridge 5/3. Carriage 3/- 0-08-3  
  Evan Morgans. 3 days at Quarter Sessions 0-09-6   Mary Evan. Llanon 1-06-10  
  William Isaac 2-18-6   Ale at vestry 0-08-0  
  John Davies for keep of his brother 2-00-0   Evan Jones. Scyborfach for keep of John Nathan. Bastard 1-17-6  
  Elinor Ephraine. Llanarth 1-01-0   Evan Richard.Clerk 4-3-2. Washing surplice 6/-. Clock cleaning 1/- 4-10-2  
  Ely Jones. Llandovery 2-12-0   Jane Mathew 1-00-0  
  Ann William Lewis 1-14-1   Catherine Thomas. widow 1-06-0  
  Moses Evan. Ystrad 2-06-0   Jenkin Jones towards the building of the cobblers house 2-12-6  
  Thomas Griffiths to buy a house 5-00-0   Mary Richards. coffin 18/-. Washing Tugg 6d. 0-18-6  
  Lewis Morgan. 2 days at Quarter Sessions 6/- 0-06-0   Thomas Jones. Hafodwnog 0-11-6  
  Carrying turfs to doctor John Edward 0-06-0   Michael Evan Stephen 0-06-0  
  John Lewis for keeping bastard child 1-10-0   Boards to the bridge 1/-. making accounts 1/- 0-02-0  
  Thomas Jones for keep of Jane Moses 1-01-0   Morgan Evans, Hafod 4-19-0  
  Arrears to John Phillips late overseer 3-15-0   David Thomas Williams 3/10. Evan D H Richard 3/10 0-07-8  
  David Thomas. Rhos 3/10. John Davies Pendre 3/10 0-07-8   William Jenkin 0-04-0  
  Mary David Jones. House rent 0-07-6   Elinor Griffiths. Pennant 0-03-6  
  David Lewis 0-05-4   Repair church clock 1/6. carry gravel to church 1/6 0-03-0  
  Ten hundred of nails 0-03-4   Journey to Llanrhistid 0-01-10  
  Lodging and billiting of several paupers 0-15-0   Journey to the meeting at Aberaeron 0-01-6  
  John Davies for serving as substitute for Morgan Evans 2-00-0        

THE NEXT VESTRY WAS HELD 12 MAY 1818  -  extracts only

  Margaret Williams. Newcastle (dead) 2-02-0   Mary Michael Jenkins 2-10-0  
  David Jenkins. houseroom for said Mary 2-00-0   Mary Evans. Canaan 1-19-0 Shift 5/- 2-04-0  
  Jack Saer relief 2-15-6   Jack Saer to go to America 19-00-0  
  John Thomas Lewis weaver 2-07-9   Morgan Davies. Typwt 1-6-1. To get a load of fish 3 4-06-1  
  David Jones of Gilfach for keep of bastard child 1-07-6   To the doctor for curing said bastards arm 0-08-10  
  David Williams for bars to church windows 0-04-0   Morgan Jones. Llanon. relief and order of removal 0-09-6  
  Clothes to Gwen David. baker 0-19-9   New window to church 0-08-0  
  Relief for vagrants 2-03-0   Return of overseers accounts to Quarter Sessions including 7 years back 0-15-0  
  Meals and lodgings to several paupers 2-05-0   Surveyors appt and journey to the Feathers 0-15-6  
  Rev Herbert for parchment and writing same 0-05-0   13 bottles wine at 5/3. Bread 6/- for the year 3-14-3  
  Warrants of duress against several inhabitants 0-17-6   John Evans. removal costs 0-10-0  
  Journey to Llandeinol with the said John Evans 0-02-0   Auctioneer for selling Daniel Davies Goods 1. Kinds duty 15/- 1-15-0  
  7 journeys to Mabws 0-07-0   New blanket for Thomas Daniel 0-12-6  
  Carrying vagrant to Cilcennin and Llanrhistid 0-02-6   Jenkin Jones for erecting house for John Davies cobbler 1-14-3  
  Allowance to surveyors when on duty surveying the parish 0-15-0   David Jenkin for repairing the road 0-08-0  
  New vestry book 11/-. Slates for the church 16/- 1-07-0   Repairing churchyard wall 0-01-6  
  John Evans for ploughing slang 0-07-0   Jenkin Moses 2 winchester barley for sowing 0-16-0  
  John Evans. ploughing, harrowing and sowing 2 slangs 0-19-3        


THE NEXT VESTRY WAS 12 NOVEMBER 1818 - extracts only

An account of the money expended by David Jenkins of Penlan overseer for the use of the poor and other purposes in the Parish of Llansantffraed from 12th May to 12th November 1818 being 6 months

  Margaret concubine of John Glen 1-10-0   David Williams for nursing John Davies bastard 2-06-0  
  Margaret Davies. Mydroilyn 2-12-6   Richard Morris. Llanychairarn 1-16-0  
  David Davies. Rhos 4-11-0   Catherine Enoch 2-02-0  
  Michael John near Trialbach 3-07-3   Sarah John Taylor widow 2-15-0  
  Eleanor Ephraim near New Quay 2-00-0   Evan Jones. Scybor fach 3-17-6  
  David David. Penparke 1-10-0   Morgan Jones, Waunfawr 5-16-9  
  Evan Rees. Brynpoeth 1-10-0   John Davies. Pendre 7-04-1  
  John Harries. Rhos 5-14-0   Mary Thomas William. Llanon 2-05-0  
  John Elias. Llanychairarn 0-15-0   John Davies. Bristol 3-19-0  
  Sarah John. Llanon.widow 2-12-0   Margaret Morgan for keep of Jane Moses 3-00-0  
  Margaret concubine of John Glen 1-10-0   David John Lewis. Cwm 7-06-0  
  Eleanor Lloyd for house fuel to Mary Michael 1-02-6   Lewis John. Tefenter 1-06-0  
  Thomas Nathan Hugh and his mother 5-12-0   David Nathan Hugh 5-01-6  
  Stephen Davies. Smith. Llanon 1-12-9   Mary Michael Jenkin 3-17-0  
  David William for nursing John Davies bastard 2-00-0   Margaret John Michael 1-13-6  
  Mary Evan. Cwm 1-18-1   Mary David Jones. Llanprisc 1-18-0  
  William Morgan. Pwllglas 3-02-3   Thomas David Thomas 6-16-3  
  William Evan 1-09-0   Evan Thomas.Cwm. Pencastell 0-16-6  
  John William. Box 0-06-9   Evan Moses. Llanarth 2-00-0  
  Elizabeth Thomas Morgan. Llanon 1-00-0   Ann William Lewis 1-06-0  
  Jenkin Jenkins. late Trialbach 2-13-4   David Edward. Mynydd bach. relief 2-14-0  
  David Edwards. son of same 2-14-7   Daniel Davies. Penpontbren 3-10-4  
  Timothy Davies. Llansantffraed 3-12-6   David Jenkin. Typoeth 3-04-10  
  John Aeron 1-12-01   Magdalin Francis. Llanon 1-16-6  
  Michael Evan Stephen. Llanprisc 3-16-0   David Edwards overcharged by the clerk 1-18-6  
  4 bottle of wine at 6/6 per bottle. Wardens oath at 1/- 1-07-0        

MAY 26 1819
Be it remembered that at a public vestry held at the church of Llansantffraed this 26th day of May 1819, it was there and then agreed by and between us, being the major part of the parishioners this day assembled on the part of ourselves and the rest of the inhabitants of the one part and John Rees junior of Aberstrincell in the said parish, yeoman, John Rees senior of the same place, Tidewaiter and Evan Morgan of Perthygwenin in the said parish, gent of the other part.
We the said parishioners do hereby promise and engage to pay or cause to be paid unto the said John Rees junior the sum of ten pounds of lawful money annually for the tern of three years, commencing from 12th day of May 1819 for his serving the office of overseer of the poor of the said parish and for his doing and performing of the duties appertaining to that office.
We do further promise and allow him for such journeys as he may be obliged to make at the following rates- viz. To Mabws or Monachty 1/- per day. To Aberaeron 1/6 per day. Aberystwyth or Cardigan 2/6 per day and all other journeys out of the parish in proportion. And in consideration thereof, the said John Rees junior, John Rees senior and Evan Morgan do hereby covenant and agree to and with the said parishioners for the term aforesaid that he the said John Rees junior shall and will honestly perform and serve the said office and all the duties appertaining to the same without any neglect or fraud and to produce accounts every six weeks if required.  And it was further agreed that the two overseers who shall be legally appointed and nominated to serve the office as overseer of the poor in the parish of Llansantffraed to pay 15/- each.

MAY 1820 (extracts)

  Margaret Jones. Cwm. 5 bushels barley 1-18-6   John Davies. Tinker. 1 bushel barley. Cash 10/6.Relief 14/- 1-11-6  
  Thomas Jones. Cefnheblwyn 0-03-0   Margaret Jones. Plasbach 1-09-6  
  John Davies. Cobbler 2-05-6   David John. Taylor 1-10-0  
  Summons on Evan Morgan, Cooper 0-02-0   Warrant on Thomas Richard. 1/-send 3 vagrants to Henfelin 2/6 0-03-6  
  Expenses of burial of Morgan William 1-18-8   for digging 4 graves 6/-. Burial fees 2/- 0-08-0  
  Measure the road 3/-. New wheelbarrow 12/- 0-15-0   Postage of letters 3/10. Expenses of survey made new 11/- 0-14-10  
  Richard Jones for plough of slangs 1-07-0   William Jenkins fro prayer book 0-03-0  
  Forming road from Tynwein to Garnfoel 63-19-2   To Smith for hammera and band to wheelbarrow 0-11-7  
  Thatch and thatching house of William John 2-07-6   Picking stones to carts 0-16-3  
  Jenkin David for cutting stone 0-01-6   David Francis for 7 coffins for paupers @ 18/- 6-06-0  
  10 shirts to William Morgans children 1-06-0   Mending gate 1/-.To the glazier 2/8 0-03-8  
  Jenkin David for cutting stones 0-01-6   To John Batwhilog for 2 empty bottles 0-01-0  

12 MAY 1820 - 12 MAY 1821 (extracts)

  Jane Moses 6 per year. 2 shifts 10/- 6-10-0   Jane Nathan 4-7-2. coffin, shroud, burial 1-1-7 5-08-9  
  Margaret Thomas 3 year. 15/- towards clothing 3-15-0   Jenkin Jones 1/6. rent 12/-. flannel for shirt 6/- 4-16-0  
  Thomas Davies rent 2/11. ploughing and setting corn 10/- 0-12-11   Thomas David 2 loads of turf at 5/- 0-10-0  
  Jenkin Jones. Thatch 12/6. thatching 3/- 0-15-6   Thomas Daniel for clothes and shirt 0-05-0  
  To making the road from Llanon to Pennant 47-14-0   To conveying 5 vagrants to Llanrhysud 0-02-6  
  To conveying 4 vagrants to Llandewy 0-03-0   To deductions in several assessments, Tymawr, Trialmawr, Rhyddorth and mill 7-17-9  
  To the smith for tools to work on the road 0-04-0   To John Hughes part of bill for measuring Morfa Esgob 8-00-0  
  7 teals of lime and 1 load of gravel for the church 0-04-6   To fix and mending the churchyard dial 1-06-0  

MAY 25th 1820
It was unanimously agreed with John Davies of Batwhilog to make and erect a new pound on Wein trybwll of a stone mason wall 2ft in breadth and 7ft high, 21ft in diameter within the wall and the said John Davies do consent and agree to take the old pound which lays close to the end of his house in full and satisfactory payment for making the pound.

NOVEMBER 11th 1820
At the vestry it was ordered to pay unto Mr John Hughes, surveyor the bill of cost for mapping and surveying Morfa Esgob and the admeasurement of the whole parish

DECEMBER 15th 1820
It was agreed to settle the survey of Maesgwyn Mill at 4 a year while the above mill is out of repair and not grinding.  Ordered John Harris of Rhosminiog 11 pounds of wool.

FEBRUARY 2nd 1822
At vestry legally proclaimed on this day to consider the propriety of allowing John Davies a sum of money, it is of the opinion of those present that John Davies is a young stout man and is able to work for the support of his family without ant assistance from the parish

APRIL 4th 1822
Ordered relief to David Evan Mynnyddbach 1 measure of barley and 1 shilling in cash till 12th May next coming.


ONE YEAR ENDING 12 MAY 1822 (extracts)

  Thomas David house rent 2-7-6. Thatching house 1-13-7. New window 3/- 4-03-6   Bread and wine for church use 3-05-0  
  Mr Herbert for parchment 0-05-0   3 burials at 4/- 0-04-0?  
  digging 3 graves 0-04-6   Paid for 3 coffins 2-05-0  
  3 teals of lime for the church 0-11-3   Nails for the church 10d. gravel 1/6 0-02-4  
  To William Rowland for slates 0-12-9   John Rees for slates 0-18-3  
  To William Herbert 10/-. parchment 2/-. Writing 5/- 0-17-0   Jenkin Evans for carrying David Davies corn 0-07-0  
  To William Adsolwen to buy for the children of John Harris 0-15-0        


  Timothy Jones for cutting stones on turnpike road 0-05-0   Warrant against Ann Jones for killing a boy 0-05-0  
  SIX MONTHS ENDING 12 MAY 1823 (extracts)    
  Evan Jones Tyn cwm for medicine and attendance upon David Daniel pauper     John Harris wife to buy wool 0-10-0  
  William Davies for oak timber to repair footbridge 1-01-0   2 new side rails 14/- and staples 1/9 0-15-9  
  New handle to the shovel 0-00-6   John Samuel for work on the footbridge 0-04-0  
  Laths and nails to repair church 3/2. To mason 3/- 0-06-2   New lock to steeple door 0-01-0  
  washing surplice 6/6.Digging graves 3/- 0-09-6   Copy of register 5/-. Fee for 2 burials 1/- 0-06-0  
  William Sinnett for carrying gravel to Turnpike road 0-10-0        

JANUARY 1st 1823
At a select vestry published and held this day at the parish church of Llansantffraed the following things were unanimously agreed.
Allowed Jacob Simon of Llanarth for maintaining his daughter for a month in her lying in 12/-
Be allowed Jenkin Parry for lodging his father and doing for him per year 1-5-0 and one load of turf.
Allowed David Jenkin Glanygors on relief one Winchester of barley
Allowed John Davies cobbler, a breeches and 2 shirts 10/- also to the same a Winchester bushel of barley.

Agreed with Dr Morgans of Dufach for setting to right the bone of Sarah Davies of Llanon and to use all means he thinks proper to put the bone to right for 9/-

APRIL 4  1823
Ordered David Daniel Dyoed to set the footbridge which crosses the river to the church in good repair with two side rails by this day fortnight

APRIL 25  1823
Ordered to Evan Evans Rhos relief to support him on the road to London to seek employment  16/-.  Relief of one measure of barley to his wife.
Ordered 1 to Eleanor Morgan, wife of John Morgan Daniel for to support her and their children to London

AUGUST 8  1823
It was unanimously agreed upon and ordered to John Davies ( a pauper of this parish) of Bristol 1 every quarter of a year for this year for to maintain himself and family and 2-07-0 relief.

JANUARY 1  1824
David Evans, John Jenkins, David Thomas, Evan Jones Taylor and David Evans Clerk.  The above names are those that were taking down the hedges of Evan Morris on the common called and known by the name of Wein Trybwll, also on the same commons the hedge of Evan Davies, further the dunghills of John Rees and John Davies who did not obey and confess in public that they would carry them away.  Therefore their dunghills were scattered, also the following persons did obey and confess that they would carry them away, thereby for the end of May next.  David Davies, John Davies and Mary Davies.
Evan Morris did not obey, but after the hedge was taken he ordered in 6 labourers to repair it, and they worked there for three days after it was taken down the first time, then on 27th January 1824 another attempt was made, the hedge was taken down altogether by David Evans, John Jenkins, Evan Jones, David Jones, Morgan Jones, Jenkin Jones, Lewis Jones, Daniel Jones, Christmas Evans, David Thomas

12 NOVEMBER 1823 to 25 MARCH 1824 (extracts)

  Nicholas Lewis wife and children relief 2-04-2   Removal 6/-. New clothes for children and making them 15/1 1-01-1  
  Victuals and lodgings on road to Fishguard 1-00-0   To the Overseer with cart and horse conveying Nicholas and his family to Fishguard 2-11-0  

YEAR ENDING 25 MARCH 1825 (extracts)

  Eleanor Nathan 3 pairs clogs 2/-. 4 shifts 8/7. New shoes 5/9. Petty coat 3/3. Cup of wheat 1/2. Relief 2/3 1-03-0   John Harris 5-4-0 year relief. 1 blanket 13/-. Petty coat 3/9. rent 1. To the doctor 11/- 7-16-5  
  To masons for repair to roof of church 1-05-6   1,500 slates 1-06-0 Carriage 3/- 1-09-0  
  5 teals of lime @ 4/-  carriage 5/- 1-05-0   For carrying gravel 0-02-0  
  1 set of tundles to the ladder 3/6. Glazier 2/- 0-05-6   For covering the prayer book 0-02-6  
  paid for nails 4/11. Carriage 1/6 0-06-5   Paid for parchment 7/9. Copy of register 6/1 0-13-9  
  For new wheelbarrow 0-15-0   Repairing churchyard wall 0-07-9  
  Carrying stones to secure the battlement of footbridge 0-03-0   Paid for candlesticks to church 0-09-0  
  Paid for padlock to church gate 0-00-8        

MARCH 3rd 1825
Be it remembered that I Timothy Davies this day agreed, bargained and sold to David Daniel overseer of the poor of the parish of Llansantffraed the cupboard which now is custody under destrainment for arrears of rent to David Evans of Llanon in the said parish for the sum of 1 clear of any claim by no one whoever and the said cupboard shall be considered the property of the parish provided the said Timothy Davies to have the use of the cupboard for his lifetime.

JULY 23rd 1825
It was agreed that John Jenkins son of the late Jenkin Thomas of this parish, deceased, should be put on apprentice to John Jones of the aforesaid parish, cordwainer, to be instructed in the art and mistery of shoemaker for the term of one year and half.  The said John Jones doth hereby undertake and engage to learn John Jenkins the said trade for the term aforesaid in consideration of 6-10-0 payable in the following manner, namely one moiety at the date hereof and the other moiety at the expiration of the said term.  The said master to permit the said apprentice to go for one month at harvest and to have one pair of strong new shoes.

YEAR ENDING 25 MARCH 1826 (extracts)

  To Daniel Thomas 6/-. William Jones 6/- 0-12-0   Turves 3/-. Candles 1/6. Bread 1/-. ale 8d 0-06-2  
  Coals 3/-. Candles 1/4. Soap 8d. Tea & sugar 1/2 0-06-02   To auctioneer 5/-. ale 7/6.Shoes 5/-. Clerk 2/- 0-19-6  
  Coffin 15/-. Crape 2/-. Clerk 1/6.Parson 6d 0-19-0   To John Jones shoemaker for the apprenticeship of John Jenkin 3-05-0  
  For iron gate to churchyard and setting 3-08-8   Slates to Church 16/6. Carriage from Aberaeron 5/- 1-01-6  
  Carrying lime from Aberystwyth 0-02-6   Morgan Davies new coat 12/4. 1 measure barley 5/- 0-17-4  

YEAR ENDING 25 MARCH 1827 (extracts)

  Benjamin Evans for killing a fox 0-05-0   Thomas Francis for white-washing church, 9 days @ 2/- 0-18-0  
  3 teal of lime at the churchyard. Thomas Francis making mortar 0-14-0   - Evans carrying 1 load of lime, 2 loads of gravel, John Jones glazier for repairing windows last year 0-08-4  

FEBRUARY 2nd 1827
Agreed with Jane Jones the wife of John Jones 'Garnfach' for the board and lodging of Elizabeth Jones a single woman who is now with child at 3/- a week and 8/- more to be paid at the time of her lying in.

APRIL 4th 1827
Ordered to pay Eliza Evan Rees 5 winchester of barley for to sow and on account the said Eliza to return 2 winchester as soon as she got it from the ground.
To Jenkin John Taylor 2 winchesters of barley to sow his land, at the same time he promised to return the same next harvest to the overseer.

DECEMBER 2nd 1827
This day Magdalin Richards has delivered over her illegitimate child got by Timothy Jenkins free from any demands from the parish, Gwen Jenkins the aforesaid Timothy Jenkins mother have agreed to maintain and keep the aforesaid child for one whole year free from any claim or demand from the parish whatsoever.

FEBRUARY 5th 1828
David Daniel Digod of 'Job' 2-12-0 for making a stone wall under the arch of the steeple and stone arch over and above the floor, the said David Daniel is to provide all the materials and pay the masons out of the 2-12-0

OCTOBER 18th 1828
It was agreed that an iron chest should be bought for the purpose of keeping books and other things belonging to the parish.

YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1828 (extracts)

  Jenkin Jones, Rate 6. Relief 1 measure barley 6/-. old bill 12/-. New breeches, new waistcoat, new shirt and pay the tailor 19/8 7-17-8   Richard Morris Rate 6-10-0. New shoes and new shirts 16/10d.paid tailor 3/6d new stockings 1/3d soling 2 pairs shoes 3-03-8?  
  John Evans repair battle end of footbridge 0-03-0   John Jones for repairing footbridge 0-10-0  
  Thomas Griffiths for repairing churchyard wall 1-15-0   Paid making wall under the arch of the steeple 2-12-0  
  Paid for mending outside top of steeple 0-04-0   2 straw stools in the pulpit 0-03-0  
  Paid Evan Rees for killing crows at Llanirhairon 0-05-0   Allowed rate to David Jones Felinfach while the mill is out of repair 1-06-0  

YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1829 (extracts)

  Jenkin John. rate 6. 1 measure barley 4/-, coat and trimmings 14/2, stockings 1/9, shirt 5/- and new blanket 7/6 7-12-5   David Jones for nourishing bastard of Elinor Jones 4-00-0  
  To Doctor Morgans for journeys visiting lunatic paupers 0-10-0   Paid for repairing highway to Gilfach 5-06-2  
  Journey to Llanarth fair to buy clothes for paupers 0-02-0   David Francis for new door and frame in church 1-13-6  
  Paid for new bench in church 0-05-0   Paid the glazier bill for mending church windows last year 0-13-9  
  Paid for paper, ink and account books 0-03-6   Fees to vestry clerk 2-02-0  
  Journey to Aberaeron to buy clothes for the poor 0-01-6   Paid for rising and carrying potatoes to Margaret Jenkins 3-03-0  
  Paid for carrying clock from Cilcennin to Llanon 0-02-0   Paid Thomas Francis for repairing roof of church 0-04-6  

YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1830 (extracts)

  Margaret Michael rate 2-10-9, rent 2-5-0, coffin 15/-, burial fees 2/-, calico 1/4, coals 6/3, shift 4/6, 2 locks for her door 1/8 6-06-6   John Rees keeping bastard, being the mothers share 1-00-0  
  J David, Tyhir, 4 winchesters barley upon promise to return same last harvest 0-16-0   Mary Davies coach fees and expenses to London 3-10-0  
  Paid for new stocks 1-15-0   J Jones for repairing church windows 0-01-3  
  T Francis for repairing church roof 0-04-0   Paid Dr Morgans for visiting lunatic men and certificate 1-00-0  

JULY 6th 1830
To give Ann Moses of the parish of Llanarth a pauper belonging to this parish the sum of 5 to assist her to build a cottage upon a certain spot of land now in the possession under a lease for a term of one year and the aforesaid Ann Moses do hereby covenant and firmly bind myself to return to the overseer of this parish all money that might get as rent for the above mentioned cottage until the 5 be repaid.
To give as relief to David Jenkins 'Penpontbren' 55/- to assist him to pay for a cow.

OCTOBER 10th 1830
To pay unto Eliza Evan Rees of 'Cwm' 3-10-0 a year for keeping, maintaining and nursing a bastard child of Elinor John born a bastard on this parish


YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1831 (extracts)

  For coffin for body found on the seashore 0-17-6   1000 slates for the church 1. carriage 1/6 1-01-6  
  For handle to mattock of the church 0-00-9   Lime towards the church 1-3-6, carrying 3/- 1-06-6  
  Jenkin Jones for repairing footbridge to church 0-16-6   Thomas Griffiths Llanon for 5 days work 0-05-0  
  Costs concerning the common 2-13-6        

FEBRUARY 10th 1832
Also ordered to give 1 relief to William Rowland a tailor to support him on the road from this parish to Shrewsbury.

JUNE 12th 1832
It was ordered that a schoolhouse be erected by the expense of the parish upon the Wein-Try-Bwll and a poorhouse to be made for the use of the poor within this parish upon the aforesaid Wein to be built on the most convenient spot.


YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1832 (extracts)

  Hinges to pulpit of the church 11-11-3   Mending the porch of the church 1-02-0  
  Thomas jones joiner for the same 0-02-0   Laths concerning same 5/6, nails 1/6 0-07-0  
  New surplice 1-01-6   David Davies children for gathering stones 0-02-0  

YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1833 (extracts)

  Jenkin Jones for repairing church benches 0-01-0   Thomas Pengraig, carrying stones and repairing churchyard 0-06-0  
  Prayers to the use of the church 0-02-0   13 bottles of wine @ 3/4 4-03-4  
  Bread for the church 0-03-6   several vagrants 0-10-0  
  Allowed poor rate for the Gibbs plantation 0-19-0   Prayers to the church 0-02-0  
  Mending the church key 0-00-3   Paid to Thomas Francis mending church 0-03-6  

MAY 24th 1833
Thomas Lewis, David Daniel and Hannah Jacob are not to be relieved for the future for keeping bastard children.
JUNE 20th 1833
Agreed with David Hugh for the keeping and maintaining of Timothy Jenkin, late of Penpontpren a pauper upon this parish at 2d a week for one year.
OCTOBER 6th 1833
Ordered a new seat to be made immediately on the back of Mr Herberts seat for the convenience of the singers, upon the expense of the parish.
JULY 2nd 1834
Ordered to the wife of Thomas Davies 'Penygraig' and children 1/6 a week in addition to the 1/6 ordered before for support while Thomas Davies is at Cardigan gaol.


YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1834 (extracts)

  John, Pendre, rate 10/-, rent 18/-, new coat 10/-, paid taylor 2/9, trimmings 5/6, coat to Daniel 5/-, taylor and trimmings 2/6, new shirt 5/6, allow poor rate 2/7, 3 journeys providing the articles 3/- 11-14-10   David Daniel for keeping bastard child of his daughter 2-10-6  
  Thomas Francis for repairing church 0-04-6   Lime to the church 11/3, carrying 1/6, slates 7/6 1-00-3  
  Order to remove Margaret Digoed 0-06-6   For carrying slates to the church 1/6. Parchment to William Herbert 1/- 0-02-6  
  Allowance poor rate charged upon Mr Gibbs plantation 0-16-7   David Jones, Llanarth for information against Sarah Jenkins 0-01-0  
  Jenkin Rees, painting and repairing churchyard gate 0-03-6   Paid for repairing church windows 0-17-10  
  OCTOBER 6th 1834
We consider Thomas Davies of Penygraig is not a worthy to be relieved for the future as he is at liberty to provide for his family at the time present.
Ordered Mary David John to go to reside at Tymawr along with Catherine Jenkin who is at present living in the above mentioned place called Tymawr in the village of Llanon.
MAY 8th 1835
To Thomas Penygraig 4 Winchester potatoes and 2 Winchester barley.
  YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1835 (extracts)    
  For fencing river near churchyard 0-01-6   Thomas, Mason for repairing church 1-04-0  
  500 slates 11/3. 3 teals of lime 10/6, carriage 1/6 1-03-3   Carry slate 1/6, carry gravel 2/-, laths 1/6 0-05-0  
  300 nails 9d, timber to make new ladder 11/- 0-11-9   Iron staff 5ft 2/6, making ladder 7/- 0-09-6  
  New briar 15/-, repairs to church key 1/- 0-16-0   Answering several queries to the House of Commons 0-02-6  
  Fixed the boundary between this parish and Llanbadarn 0-10-0   Costs when surveying the common 1-02-4  
  To repairing church windows 0-06-9   Painting churchyard gate 0-01-6  
  Paid for Catherine, Bont and bastard child 0-15-0   Jenkin Jones for making a handsome seat for use of the singers 3-04-5  

YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1836 (extracts)

  Evan Perry keep bastard 3-17-0   John Rees for Catherine, Bont bastard 2-12-0  
  John, Penfagwr, kept bastard 2-05-0   David Nathans daughter bastard 3-00-0  
  Thomas Mason for church whitewash 10/- Repair locks 6d 0-10-6   Richard William repair bridge 0-04-0  
  Jane, Taiherion, relief to get wool to make shirts 0-10-6   To Thomas Mason for lifting stone at each end of bridge 0-00-6  
  Relief to vagrants in distress 0-05-0        
  JANUARY 8th 1836
Agreed and ordered to pay unto Margaret Daniel, Pendre for the keeping, maintaining and clothing her brother a lunatic for ten pounds a year.

APRIL 8th 1836
To Gwen David Baker 2/- a week and on condition to thatch one side of the house as far as they can on opposite side and no more.
JUNE 5th 1836
To give to Edward Evans of Llanon 1 to assist him to pay his house rent, Edward Evans promised and engage to allow the said 1 in his labour on the highway of the parish.
SEPTEMBER 9th 1836
Ordered that Edward Evans of Llanon should pay back to the overseer the 1 advanced to him in the month of May last.
FEBRUARY 2nd 1837
Ordered to make two benches to be placed in the schoolroom that belongs to the parish.
MARCH 31st 1837
Ordered to give Isaac Jenkins of Llanon the sum of 6 as an assistance for him to convey himself and three children to America.

YEAR ENDING 25th MARCH 1837 (extracts)

  David Davies and wife rate 4-11-0. relief to get coals 5/- 4-16-0   David Thomas, Llanarth for keeping a lunatic daughter, rate 6-12-0, shift 6/-, burial expense 21/6 7-19-6  
  Evan Jones, shoemaker for means to make wooden shoes 0-01-3   Paying for carriage of John Davies potatoes 0-06-6  
  Common prayer book for use of the church 2-10-0   Common prayer for a small one 0-00-8  
  Repairing the wheel of the bell 0-04-6   New handle for the mattock belonging the church 0-00-8  
  2 benches to be given to the school room 0-10-9   Repair the lock to church door 0-04-0  
  New handle and latch for church door 0-01-6   Evan Jones for gathering stones from churchyard 0-08-0  
  Evan Jones for putting rafter in Mary Buliss house 0-01-6        
  APRIL 8th 1838
It was this day determined by the parishioners of Llansantffraed that a new survey is required on the said parish of Llansantffraed and had fixed on the following persons to the said intention. Further the said parties are to be twelve in number and to be divided into four parties, each party to be three in number, and they do agree to conscientiously transact on the above subject.
First party            - Mr Morgan, Tany?   , Morgan Williams, Tynant, James James, morfa Mawr
Second party       - William Hughes, Maesgwyn,  Evan Lewis, Garnfawr,  Evan Jones, Cwmbach
Third party           - David Davies, Tyncoed,  John Jones, Garnvoel,  David Jones, Maeseglwys
Fourth party         - Evan Evans, Hafod Unog Uchaf,  John Jenkin  Lluestchosin,  Evan Morris Penbontfach
JULY 7th 1838
Respecting the repairing of the said church it was communicated to us who here unto signed our names by the Reverend Herbert that he had received a faculty from the Bishop to the significance to pull down the old church for the purpose of rebuilding the same, it is now agreed that this vestry be adjourned to Friday 19th August next and that in the mean time David Evan Francis be employed to estimate the state of the timber of the roof and to be paid to report on the condition of the same on that day so as to be able to proceed with the necessary work.
AUGUST 10th 1838
Respecting the repairing of the old church at Llansantffraed, David Evan Francis, who has been employed to inspect the same is of the opinion that the present timber of the roof of the said church will not bear in the present state the weight of the new slating, that some if not all timber be renewed, it is hereby unanimously agreed by the four names mentioned that David Evan Francis be employed to pull down the roof and that he be paid 2/- a day for doing the same, and it is also agreed that the vestry be adjourned to this day fortnight for the purpose of taking into consideration the rebuilding of the said church and to receive estimates.
AUGUST 24th 1838
At a vestry adjourned and duly proclaimed this 24th of august 1838, the old walls of the church appearing to be weakened and not sufficiently strong to bear up under a new roof.  It was unanimously resolved that the old walls be pulled down and that a committee be formed and empowered subject to the Rev Herbert. Evan Morgan. Benjamin Williams. William Hughes. Evan Lewis. Lewis Morgan, Pantanamlwg to agree and contract for materials, and with artisans and labourers to so build the said walls and that they be empowered also to purchase timber for a new roof and other ?  for completing the rebuilding of the said church and that a rate of 1/6 in the pound be levied on the parish for the paying of such expenses.
Be it remembered that I, David Davies do agree to pull down the walls of the old Llansantffraed church and to pick out the best stone for the said wall and lay the same in a convenient place for rebuilding on the same site as the present church.  The whole of the walls taken down by the 1st December next, except the porch and steeple, the steeple not to be touched and the porch to be pulled down and replaced. The whole to be done for the sum of 4-15-0
DECEMBER 27th 1838
At a vestry held this 27th day of December 1838, it was resolved that the sum of Four Pounds be given to Thomas Morgan (Court) on paying him for cleaning away the rubbish which now remains around the foundations of the old church and the same to be cleaned off clean by Thursday 17th day of January 1839.
Resolved that two pence per square tard be given to David Davies No 2 for finding, securing and  ??? the fillings to the costs of the gravel ??.  Resolved that five pence per square yard be given to David Jones of Maeseglwys for the carriage of the gravel for the church.
JANUARY 25th 1839
At a vestry held the 25th day of January 1839 it was resolved that David Pugh and Thomas Francis be employed to build the church at 8 pence per square yard and subject to conditions which they are to confirm before the work is commenced.
It was resolved that David Herbert, Trialbach and David Jones, Maes yr Eglwys undertake to carry the timber from Aberystwyth to the church free from every expense for two pence per foot.  Work to commence without delay.
APRIL 24th 1840
At a public vestry held this 24th day of April 1840 at Llansantffraed church it was unanimously resolved that this meeting be adjourned until this day fortnight the 8th of May next and that on that day the repairing and rebuilding of the churchyard wall, levelling and making proper the churchyard be let by tender and that the enlarging of the churchyard be taken into consideration, and repairing of the top of the steeple and a rate to be fixed to meet the expenses.
MAY 8th 1840
At an adjourned vestry held at the church of Llansantffraed on the 8th Mat 1840 it was unanimously agreed that the repairing of the churchyard wall is necessary and the levelling of the same, and also repairing the steeple, re-fixing the bell, resolved that the same be done forthwith and that a rate of 6d in the pound be levied on the inhabitants of the parish of Llansantffraed toward defraying such expenses.
MAY 22nd 1840
At a public vestry held this 22nd day of May 1840 respecting the enlarging the churchyard at Llansantffraed and said building up of the churchyard wall, it was resolved to accept William Hughes of Alltlwyd offer of a piece of land and this day marked the Northside of the church and that we engage to pay John Hughes Esq. of Alltlwyd the lawful sum of sixty pounds for the repairing and the building of the wall and the price of rebuilding the wall  above. Thirty pounds (one half of which) to be paid as soon as the wall is finished and the other half within six months after building and repairing the wall is finished.
MARCH 3rd 1841
At a public vestry legally proclaimed and held in the parish church of Llansantffraed this 26th day of March 1841, it was unanimously agreed that the following persons - James Price, Mary Morris Constantinople, Jane Jenkins, Anne Reynolds, Mary Morgan, Mary Baker, David Perry, Ann Jones and Edward Evans should be exempted from the payment of the poor rate on account of poverty.
SEPTEMBER 24th 1841
At a public vestry proclaimed and held in the church of Llansantffraed on the 24th day of September 1841 by us whose names are hereunder subscribed, We do advise and order the overseer of the poor in the said parish to apply attorney to compel such of the parishioners that object to pay him the poor rate aforesaid the 15th of July last
Lewis Morgan
Thomas Rees
Daniel Evans
Evan Morgan
Stephen Davies
APRIL 7th 1842
At a public vestry held in the parish church of Llansantffraed on the 7th April 1842 it was agreed that it would be an act of compassion to grant the sum of Ten pounds towards assisting David Davies of Blaenlluest to emigrate from this country.
APRIL 27th 1843
At a public vestry legally proclaimed and held this day by such parishioners as was there assembled, it was unanimously agreed to fix and appoint fourteen of the inhabitants to go over the parish to make a new survey by valuing every farm and cottage throughout the whole parish according to their best skill and knowledge and to take their oaths on the several valuation without favour or affection.
SEPTEMBER 27th 1844
Paid arrears of money advanced to Paul David Edwards to go to America 13/6.
AUGUST 23rd ????
At an adjourned vestry legally held this 23rd day of August it was unanimously agreed that a church rate of three pence in the pound be put on the inhabitants of the parish of Llansantffraed toward the slating of the front wall of the church, repairing the top of the steeple and digging a water course in length of the outer side of the front wall and other necessary things toward the church.
JANUARY  23rd 1846
It was unanimously resolved that the highway leading from the Turnpike road to the church shall be forthwith widened and enlarged and such road to be twelve feet wide being the exact width when widened and enlarged.
APRIL 4th 1847
Resolved that the sum of Six pounds be given unto Jane Jones widow with her three children in order to assist them to emigrate to America.  Also the sum of Two pounds under the same circumstances to be given to Elizabeth Jones, weaver. Troedrhyw, mother of the said Jane Jones.
MAY 5th 1848
It was agreed that a sum of Six pounds be given to Sarah Lloyd to assist her to emigrate to America.
MARCH 3rd 1849
We agree to pay the sum of Ten pounds to Daniel Davies, late of Penlon to emigrate to America
JANUARY 31st 1851
At an adjourned vestry held this day the 31st January 1851 in order to examine the accounts of William Hughes the churchwarden and in the accounts a sum of 17-19-6 was expended by the churchwarden for making a new wooden bridge over the river and leading to the church, such sum was disallowed from the church rate as it was unanimously agreed to, that the said sum should be paid of the highway rate, and it is this day unanimously agreed that the next surveyors of the highway as soon as they enter into their office to forthwith levy a highway rate to refund Mr W Hughes the said sum of 17-19-6.
MARCH 3rd 1851
It is agreed that it is absolutely necessary that the pound is forthwith repaired and that David Morris Sunnyhill and William Edwards Troed-y-Rhiw to inspect the repairs that should be made proper and in the most economical manner.
MAY 15th 1852
Jenkin Jenkins Tymawr contracted to carry stones to the road leading from Llanon to Pennant at 10d per yard and Evan Morgan for cracking the same at 9d per yard, one half of the stones must be carried and placed on the road on or before the end of June next, and the remaining half on or before the end of September next and the amount estimated of stone required being 159 yards.
Thomas Jones Rhosfach contracted to carry stones on the road leading from Penlonlas to Bull at 1/8 per yard, Morgan Williams cracking the same at 9d per yard. Being 140 yards.
John Evans Penlan carrying stones to the road leading from Garnfoel to David Williams at 1/- per yard, estimate 24 yards.
William Edward on the road leading from Troedrhiw to Alltgoch 8d a yard. john Harries cracking the same 9d per yard.
Jenkin Jones carrying stone leading from the Turnpike to Felinmawr at 9d per yard. Jenkin Daniel for cracking the same 9d a yard, being 20 yards.
MAY 21st 1852
Notice given respecting the road leading from Bryngwyn to Penlonlas to take into consideration the propriety of shutting up the road. It was unanimously resolved that the said road shall be repaired by private subscriptions and not from the public rate. Also the road leading from Rhosfach to Hafod Wnog Uchaf to be repaired by private subscription.
DECEMBER 12th 1854
At a vestry held this 12th day of December 1854 pursuant to a notice given on the church door to take into consideration at which width the road leading from the Turnpike road to the church from the house of Jonathan Williams (Turtle Dove). It is hereby agreed after investigation that the width shall be Eleven feet over that is to include the side channels, also that the road leading from Llwynteg to Arddbori towards the church shall be the same width as the road last mentioned.  Also it is further agreed that the road leading from the Turnpike road leading to the chapel, a meeting house belonging to the Calvinistic Methodists shall be repaired and to the same width as the other roads last mentioned.
It is hereby further agreed that Evan Evans Rhydorthin Ucha and Daniel Morgan of Perthygwenin be appointed to investigate the affairs belonging to Elizabeth Jones and Jenkin Jones Neuadd.
FEBRUARY 22nd 1856
At a vestry held this 22nd day of February 1856 in order to take into consideration the propriety of widening the road leading from Penmorfa to Llanprisc and the expenses incurred in making the same to be defrayed from the road rate.  Also it is hereby agreed that the said road shall be made on the expense of the parish as other roads.
APRIL 4th 1856
It was agreed that no excuses of any rates whatever will be allowed to the officer, but he must take legal proceedings for the recovery of all rates and unless he will do so he shall loose the sums out of his pocket.
JULY 7th 1856
2-15-0 was allowed to Thomas Griffiths for the journey to convey Rachel Thomas from the asylum.
MARCH 3rd 1857
It was resolved that Mr Davies of Tyncoed, Evan Evans Ceylon and Evan Morris be appointed to equalise the rateable value of several houses within the parish.
MARCH 19th 1858
At a vestry held this 19th day of March 1858 pursuant to a notice given this day fixed that the prices for digging graves shall be as follows:
That is to say for digging grave without vault which is to be 5ft deep   2/6
For digging grave for vault is to be 6ft in depth at                                5/-
The above prices for adults, and children under 15 years half the above price.  The foregoing prices are applicable to those that are not residing within the limits of the parish as well as those residing in the parish.
APRIL 30th 1858
At a vestry held this 30th day of April 1858 pursuant to notice given on the church door to take into consideration of all dwelling houses and other occupations are all entered and properly and fairly rated.  It is unanimously resolved that the following persons are appointed to inspect and examine to see if all the dwelling houses are therein entered and properly rated:-
Namely Mr John Miller Morfa Mawr, Mr Evan Rees, Daniel Jones Ontario, Cpt David Williams, Evan Evans Rhydorth, William Jones Fronfoel.
The valuation must be ready on or before 20th June next.
JANUARY 30th 1863
At a vestry held the 30th day January 1863 in pursuance of a notice given on the church door, it is unanimously resolved that seven respectable inhabitants of this parish are appointed to make a fair valuation of all the farms and houses scheduled in this parish:
Daniel Jones Llwynteg, Daniel Morgan Alltlwyd, Evan Morris Pennybont, John Alban Hafod, William Jones Fronfoel, James Edwards Alltgoch, William Hughes Maesgwyn
JUNE 9th 1856
At a vestry legally adjourned from the 2nd day of June 1865 this 9th day of June a church rate of three pence in the pound was unanimously agreed to be levied upon the inhabitants of the parish of Llansantffraed for the purpose of repairing the churchyard wall, and repairing the church windows and repairing the church steeple. Estimates were given as below:
Churchyard walls 4,  Wall by the church 5/-.  Windows  15/-.  Steeple 30.  Glass for windows 1-7-0. Total 36-7-0
JUNE 25th 1868
On the 10th of the above we have been examining the rate book and found an error in the Lloyd Mill and Llanon Mill as follows-
Lloyd is out for repairs since September last
Lloyds mill and land entered at 9-12-6
Land deducted                         5-6-8
Mill                                          4-5-10

Errors in Llanon Mill   14-17-6
Error deducted           5-12-0
Correct rateable value  8-15-6   
Rates for new houses lately built-
Whitehall E Rowlands 3-12-6
Egraetia house D Jones 3-5-0
Francis Evans house 3-12-6
SEPTEMBER 24th 1880
At a vestry held this 24th day of September 1880 for the purpose of considering the case of Ebenezer Jenkins, Llanprisc who owes to the overseers a sum of 2 shillings and sixpence poor rate and two shillings and sixpence costs for summonses to recover the above rate, a distress being considered by this vestry to be useless as there is no goods of any value on the premises.  Being unanimously of the opinion that the rate should be excluded.  The man and his wife being in an unhealthy condition and unable to earn their livelihood and ought to receive some parish relief.
MARCH 15th 1881
At an adjourned vestry held this 15th day of March 1881 to consider the case of Ebenezer Jenkins who was reported by assistant overseer to owe Two shillings and seven pence halfpenny of poor and highway rates due this day.  It was resolved that steps be taken to recover the same.  Also the case of Mary Evans was brought before the meeting who is reported by the assistant overseer to owe One shilling and Two pence of highway rates, it was ordered that proceedings be taken by the overseer to recover the same forthwith.
SEPTEMBER 16th 1881
At a vestry held at the schoolroom Llanon on the 16th day September 1881 for to take into consideration the valuation of the new house Marion Villa, Cpt Richards owner situate on Morfa Esgob when it was unanimously agreed to assess the same of Three pounds Seventeen shillings and sixpence and the remainder of the slang when the house was built which when entire was rated at 12/6 to be henceforth rated at 7/6, and it was also agreed that the small cottage held by Elizabeth Lloyd near Noyadd in the village of Llanon should be henceforth rated at 7/6 instead of 10/-.
JUNE 22nd 1883
After being duly advertised to consider the offer made by Mr Hughes of Alltlwyd to enlarge the burial ground adjoining the parish church.  It was proposed and seconded that the church wardens is to wait on Mr Hughes to inform him that the vestry was glad of his offer and to ask him what will be the price of the land and when can be conveniently at the shortest possible time to convey the same legally to the present vicar.
JULY21st 1883
After being duly advertised to consider the enquiry to be held by the Local Government Board Inspector at Aberaeron on Tuesday the 24th instant regarding the amalgamating of Gilfach parcel to an adjoining parish which now belongs to Llansantffraed.  It was proposed and unanimously agreed to appoint the Churchwardens, Overseers, the Guardians and the following  ratepayers namely Mr Evan Rowlands, Daniel Jones Ontario house, Daniel S Jones Llwynteg, David G Jones Cadivor Villa to appear at the enquiry on behalf of the ratepayers.
JANUARY 4th 1886
After being legally advertised to take into consideration the detached part of the parish known as Gilfach parcel in reference to the aforesaid part of the Local Government Board have made an order to separate the said part from the parish of Llansantffraed and to adjoin it with the parish of Llandewi Aberarth.  It was unanimously agreed by those present to write to petition the Local Government Board that the parishioners are also unanimously agreed to hold the said parcel unless some provision is made to compensate for the extra school rate which will fall on the remaining portion of the parish.
SEPTEMBER 24th 1886
To take into consideration the case of Catherine Edwards Francis Square Llanon for non payment of parish rates through inability and poverty.  It was unanimously agreed that she should be exempt from paying the sum of two shillings and three pence being the rate for the last half year.
MARCH 11th 1887
It was agreed that Catherine Edwards should be exempt from paying the sum of two shillings and three pence being the rates for the last half year.
APRIL 22nd 1887
For the purpose of receiving the report of Mr Davies, road surveyor upon the mode of repairing the damage done to the roads and approaches to the church by the floods in October last.  Mr David Jones Llwynteg and seconded by Mr Thomas chemist Llanon the weir be replaced, the stone and mortar wall be rebuilt and the roadway and stout fence below the weir restored in the most substantial way.
JUNE 10th 1887
For the purpose of rating New, Additional and other houses which were done after the general valuation, and a piece of land which was not inserted in the new valuation list, and to take into consideration the propriety of the parish taking over the road leading from Penmorfa to Llanprisc when the following additional rates were levied and agreed.
Perthygwenin fach                     1-00-0
Panteg and outbuildings             0-07-6
Cadwgan villa (new add)           0-15-0
Tycam (new add)                      3-05-0
Tymawr (new add)                    0-07-6
Newadd slang                            2-10-0
It was further agreed that the road leading from Penmorfa to Llanprisk be taken by the parish
SEPTEMBER 23rd 1887
To take into consideration the cases of Catherine Edwards and Jane Evans for non payment of parish rates on the grounds of inability and poverty.  It was unanimously agreed that owing to their poverty and helplessness that they should be exempt from paying the sums of 2/4 and 1/3 respectively, the amount due for the last half year.
SEPTEMBER 28th 1888
The case of Jane Evans Capel Bach and Anne Felix Maesybwlen for non payment of parish rates on the grounds of inability and poverty.  It was unanimously agreed that owing to their poverty and helplessness that they should be exempted from paying the sums of 1/1 and 1/11 respectively for the said reason being the amount due for the last half year.
MARCH 14th 1890
It was agreed that the following persons be exempted from paying the parish rates for the half year ending 25th day of March 1891 owing to their poverty and inability to pay.  Anne Felix Maesybwlen, Jane Evans Capel Bach, Margaret Evans Frances Square and David Davies Gwastad the sums of 2/11, 1/7, 2/11 and 2/7 respectively.
MARCH 13th 1891
It was agreed the following persons be exempted from paying the parish rates for the half year ending 25th March 1891 owing to their poverty and inability to pay.  Anne Felix Maesybwlen, Margaret Evans Frances Square, the sums due being 2/0 each. It was resolved that steps be taken to recover 3/8 from john Jenkins Garden House being the parish rates due from him for March 25th 1891.
APRIL 3rd 1891
Mr Francis Evans Bristol House, Llanon was reappointed Parish Clerk at a salary of 8-5-0 per annum



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