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EVAN IORWERTH PROSSER MORGAN AB was killed by enemy action on the San Emiliano (London) en route S. America to Africa on 9th August 1942, aged 39. Son of David Thomas Morgan and Margaretta Jane Morgan, Dauntless. Husband of Gladys Lilian Morgan of Poplar, London. (panel 92)
EVAN WILLIAM SWEENEY Baker, died, aged 28 on the 19th day in a lifeboat, after his ship the SS Empire Endurance was sunk on May 4th 1941.  Only the Master, 2nd Mate and carpenter survived and they were rescued the day after Evan died.  son of Robert and Anne Jane Sweeney, Greenfield. (panel 40)
CAPTAIN TOM ELLIS JENKINS of Glennydd, 2nd officer was reported missing following the sinking of his ship the SS Empire Blanda on 18th February 1941. Aged 37. Son of Captain Rees Jenkins and Mary Ann Jenkins.  Master Mariner
JOHN LEWIS WILLIAMS Sailor and son of John D and Catherine Williams, Llanrhystud (Late of Troedrhiw, Llanon) died aged 25 when his ship the SS San Emiliano (London) was sunk on 9th August 1942
DAVID MERVILLE LEWIS Seaman. Henffordd Fach, Nebo died when his ship the SS Stanburn was bombed in the North Sea 29th January 1940. Aged 20. Son of Evan Lewis and S M Lewis, Llanon, Cardiganshire (panel 100). He was the brother of the late Mr T J Lewis, Birmingham House.
CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER DAVID LEWIS The Mount, Llanon. Master SS Stanburn died 29th January 1940 when his ship was bombed in the North Sea. Husband of the late Mrs Belva Lewis of Southcote, Llanon. Body found near Scarborough and buried Llansantffraed 6th February 1940.
SIMON DAVIES Sunny Villa. Sailor SS Empire Amethyst, (Middlesborough) died 14th April 1942. Son of Owen and Ann Davies of Sunny Villa. (panel 38)
CAPTAIN WILLIAM EWART HERBERT Master SS Stangarth (London) died 16th March 1942 aged 47. husband of Margaret M Herbert of Gwynlys, Llanon, Cardiganshire. (panel 101)
FRANCIS IEUAN JONES Apprentice M.V. Erodona (London) died 15 March 1941 aged 20. (panel 48) son of Mr and Mrs Jones Fron Villa
THOMAS MORGAN EVANS Glanperis (Y Felin) Llanon.AB SS Castlemoor (London) died 25th February 1940 aged 35.  Son of Rev. Morgan and Mary Evans (panel 24)
WILLIAM JAMES MORGAN Chief Officer SS Canford Chine (Swansea) died 8th February 1941 aged 52.  Son of William and Mary Morgan, Peris Terrace, Llanon. Master Mariner Merchant Navy. (panel 23)
JOHN DANIEL VINCENT THOMAS Glenville, Llanon died at St James Hospital, Battersea aged 24 and he was buried at Llansantffraed on 5th February 1941.  He was the son of Captain and Mrs Thomas, Glenville.
LIEUT. LEWIS IVOR JENKINS  R.N.R died aged 42 in December 1940. He was the son of Captain and Mrs Jenkins Millet Park
JOHN CEREDIG JONES Parc, Nebo died 3-4 April 1943 aged 31 when the Wellington bomber he was navigating was shot down over Holland.  He was buried at Amersfort Cemetery. He was the son of Mr and Mrs John Jones, Parc, Nebo
IVOR CARADOG LEWIS Brynamlwg. was killed at Cesena, Italy on 22nd November 1944, aged 30.  He was a member of the Hampshire Regiment and the son of Harry and Mary Lewis.
SGT. DAVID ELWYN OWEN RAF number 534934 was killed on 28th August 1943, aged 25, whilst on a bombing raid over Austria where he is now buried.  He was the rear gunner and the son of Mr and Mrs Lewis Owen, Cledan, Llanon
JOHN MERVYN DAVIES  R.A.F. died in a prisoner of war camp on 25th July 1944 aged 24.  He is buried at Galala Cemetery, Ambos Island, East Indies.  He was the son of Captain and Mrs Davies Ardgrange, Llanddeiniol. Captain Davies was a member of the well-known Rosehill family and the brother of Mrs Dorothy Hughes, Glenholme. most of this information was obtained from a plaque in Llanddeiniol Parish Church
MISS ELIZABETH LEE LEWIS was killed by a V1 bomb which made a direct hit on the shelter of a munitions factory in West London where she worked, on 7th July 1944.  Miss Lewis and her two sisters for some years kept the Whitehall Inn until it closed in 1928 when they moved to London. Miss Lewis, who was buried at Rhiwbwys Chapel Cemetery was the aunt of Nancy Jenkins, Yr Hafod
Note: The panel reference identifies the position of the name on the Tower Hill Memorial dedicated to Merchant Navy personnel killed 193901945
The cities shown in brackets were the home ports of the ships mentioned.


The Merchant Men of Llanon 1939-1945
by Sonia Price

The villages of Llanon and Llansantffraed have a long history associated with the sea, ships and seafaring men.  During the war thirty-five Llanon men served in the Merchant Navy, of theses only twenty-four returned home safely.  Sadly, eleven men died at sea as a result of enemy action.  The names of all the Llanon merchant seamen who died at sea are recorded on a memorial dedicated to them in Llanon Village Hall.

All these men distinguished themselves, with their courage and determination, when faced with the peril of the sea and the enemy.  Each one of them has a story worthy of relating, but I have chosen a selection to illustrate the hardships they endured and the courage they demonstrated.

Captain E Davies of Homerton, Llanon served in the Merchant Navy during the war and took command of several ships, including the MV Monte Piana and the Urlana.  During his command of the Urlana the ship docked at Gibotte, North Africa to discharge its cargo where they were subjected to several air attacks. After the cargo had been discharged the Urlana went to Bone, where they were subjected to more air attacks.  During one attack the ship was badly damaged on one side. The SS Urlana was repaired in Middlesbrough, then went on to Glasgow from where she sailed for Buenos Aires.  On her return the Urlana sank in a gale off the coast of Scotland. Fortunately everyone made the lifeboats and landed safely. The first Capt Davies' wife knew about the incident was when she received a telegram asking her to take some clothes for Capt Davies.

Towards the end of the war Capt Davies took command of the hospital ship Karapara.  The Karapara was one of the first ships to arrive in Singapore after the war, and was there several days before the surrender was signed.  The Karapara brought the first groups of British prisoners of war from Singapore to Bombay.  There were about 500 prisoners.  While on the Karapara an ENSA concert party came aboard, and when Capt Davies went to meet them Miss Hilda Jenkins of Llanon was amongst them.

Forty years after the war ended, the Soviet Union Government presented a commemorative medal to non-soviet citizens for their part in achieving victory in 1945.  Three master mariners were honoured for their involvement with the Arctic convoys to Archangel and Murmansk. Two were Australian and the third was Captain John Alfred Evans of Llanon. Captain John Alfred Evans was a nephew of Capt Davies of Homerton.

William Trevor Evans, known locally as Trevor, was born at Ty Newydd, Llansantffraed. Whilst serving in the Merchant Navy he experienced several dangerous situations.  Trevor was a member of the crew of the George H Jones which was torpedoed and sunk. Another crew member was Jack Sweeney of Llanon. They both managed to get into a lifeboat but spent many days adrift, deprived of food, water and shelter. They were rescued on June 13th 1942.  Jack Sweeney was born in River Cottage Llanon. On the day he was rescued it was his 21st birthday.

Trevor sailed on the London Steamer Stanburn together with four other Llanon men; Mr Albert Davies, Rosehill, Jack Sweeney, Llansantffraed, John Williams, Troedyrhiw Farm and Fred George Llanon.  Fortunately these men did not sail with the Stanburn on its next trip as a German bomber sank her only a few hours away from port. Sadly Captain C Lewis of Llanon and two other local men lost their lives.

John Lewis Williams of Troedyrhiw and Evan Ioreth Morgan of Dauntless sailed on the SS Emiliano which was sunk by the U155 a hundred miles north of Dutch Guyana on august 9th 1942.  It was two days out of Trinidad with a cargo of petrol.  Of a crew of forty-eight only seven survived. John aged 25 and Evan aged 39 were sadly both killed.

Gwilym Jones of Rose Cottage was probably one of the first and the youngest of the Llanon men to die in the war. He  was lost at sea on Christmas morning 1939

My thanks to Mr Leslie Davies, Miss Olwen Evans, Mrs Kate Davies and Mr Eric Dockerty who provided me with the information needed to produce this my tribute to the mariners of Llanon.


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