Reading Room



These are the titles selected for the community to read in 1905.  Some are available to read online today


Woodstock Sir Walter Scott    
Heart of Midlothian Sir Walter Scott    
St Ronan's Well Sir Walter Scott    
The Abbott Sir Walter Scott    
Old Mortality Sir Walter Scott    
Red Gauntlet Sir Walter Scott    
Peveril of the Peak Sir Walter Scott    
Surgeon's Daughter Sir Walter Scott    
Vicar of Wakefield Sir Walter Scott    
Lady of the Lake Sir Walter Scott    
Quentin Durward Sir Walter Scott    
Marmion Sir Walter Scott    
Waverley Sir Walter Scott    
Bride of Lammermoor Sir Walter Scott    
The Betrothed Sir Walter Scott    
The Talisman Sir Walter Scott    
The Fortunes of Nigel Sir Walter Scott    
Anne of Geierstein Sir Walter Scott    
The Lay of the Last Minstrel Sir Walter Scott    
Misc. Poems vols 1,2,3 Alfred Tennyson    
Idylls of the King vols 2.3.4 Alfred Tennyson    
In Memoriam vol 3 Alfred Tennyson    
Maud and other poems vol 10 Alfred Tennyson    
The Art of Love Ovid    
Westward Ho Charles Kingsley 1855  
The Heart of the Vicar Hugh Tuite 1904  
Sweet Audrey George Morley 1899  
A Corner in Sleep E E Kellett    
The Afternoon of Unmarried Life Dinah Maria Mulock Craik 1858  
Whose Deed Hadley Welford 1899  
Dust in the Balance George Knight 1896  
Hertha Frederika Bremer 1856  
Broad and Alien is the World Ciro Alegria 1942  
The Enterprise of Ella Jay Jelf    
The Chinese Jar Mystery John Stephan Strange 1928  
Precious Bane Mary Webb    
The Love That Never Dies Mrs N N Penrose 1898  
The Gentleman Adventurer H C Bailey 1914  
Partners Hugh Pendexter    
A Vagabond Heroine Mrs Edwardes 1879  
Melbourne House Susan Bogert Warner    
The Rosary Florence L Barclay    
A Scottish Bluebell Etta Buchanan Bennett    
Wild Mike and His victim Florence Montgomery 1875  
At the Blue Moon Again D B Wyndham Lewis 1925  
Darrell Chevasney Curtis Yorke 1894  
Randolph's Folly Dorothy Kate Ramsden    
Hartley Hall Hastings    
Matrimonial Speculations Mrs Moodie 1854  
Thompsons Progress C J Cutcliffe Hyne    
Married Beneath Him M E Braddon    
Eugenie S Myers 1887  
The Church and Thisbe Grey John le Breton 1908  
De Cressy   1856  
The Man At Odds Ernest Rhys 1904  
Jassamine Marion Harland    
Who is Vera? vol 1 A E Schlotel 1888  
Who is Vera? vol 3 A E Schlotel 1888  
Adventures of Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle    
A Friendship After Plato F M Peacock 1897  
The Unspeakable Prussian Sheridan Jones 1914  
Ernest Maltravers Lord Lytton    
The New Othello Iza Duffus Hardy 1894  
The Colloquies of Edward Osbourne citizen and clothworker of London Ann Manning 1900  
Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen    
Play the Man Herbert Read 1900  
Masterman Ready Captain Marryat    
The Dangerville Inheritance A C Fox-Davies    
Thou Shalt Not Fail Odette Tchernine 1917  
Krum  Ernest G Henham 1904  
Roland Yorke Mrs Henry Wood    
Julian Home Frederick W Farrar    
Ruth Farmer Agnes Marchbank 1896  
The Power of the Dog Rowland Grey 1896  
By Order of the Brotherhood Le Voleur    
The Nettle Danger Philip Gibbs    
Heyday A Gibbs    
Scarlet Heels Netta Muskett    
The Luck of the Leura Mrs Campbell Praed 1907  
Armstrong Magney Heraclius Grey 1867  
The Thin Blue Line Charles Graves    
Wrecked at the Outset Theo Gift    
Blind Larry Lewis Macnamara 1897  
Nor'ard of the Dogger E J Mattner 1888  
Elsie A C M 1875  
Wilfred and Marion Evan Aleander    
Town and Forest Anne Manning 1860  
Guy Mannering Sir Walter Scott    
Compton Merivale Mary Matilda Howard    
Florence Templar Mari Theresa Vidal    
Lorna Doone R D Blackmore 1869  
Helen Raymond Lock 1860  
Adrian L'estrange Smith 1863  
Sentimental Tommy J M Barrie    
The Beauclercs Charles Carlos-Clarke 1867  
Berry and Co Dornford Yates 1921  
Adele and Co Dornford Yates 1933  
My Bonnie Lady Leslie Keith    
The Last Tenant B L Farjeon    
Sinners in Heaven Clive Arden 1925  
The Welshmans Reputation An Englishman (Arthur Tysilio Johnson) 1910  
Love with Honour Charles Marriott 1902  
Some Womens Ways Mary Angela Dickens 1896  
The Sword of Damocles A K Green 1881  
The Column Charles Marriott 1901  
A Strong Necessity Isabel Don 1897  
Florence, A Tale M E Hammond    
A Lost Leader E Phillips Oppenheim 1907  
The Rockcliffes H A Darlington    
Marriage H G Wells 1912  
Mrs Wylde Linda Gardiner 1897  
The Rival Detectives Emma M Murdoch (Lawrence L Lynch) 1886  
Through a Needle's Eye Hesba Stretton 1880  
Sarchedon G J Whyte Melville 1899  
Paulette D'esterre Harold Vallings 1904  
Meg and Olive or Life at the Grey House M Richards    
Paris Emile Zola 1898  
The Crucifixion of Phillip Strong Charles M Sheldon    
Confessions of an Etonian I E M 1846  
She Haggard    
Anglo-German Reader D Schmidt 1850  
Jugend Album N Kreife 1866  
Ahns Germa Method part 1      
German Tales for Beginners 25th edition W M Wittich 1874  
Schillers Samtliche Werke      
Alt-Celtischer Sprachenschatz  -  1891, 1892(2), 1893, 1894(2), 1895,1897, Alfred Molder    
Zeitschrift Fur Celtische Philologie  1896, 1897, 1898 (4), 1899(3),1900(2) K Meyer, L Ch Stern    
First French Reading Book F Ahn1 1858  
Public School Latin Primer   1882  
Episodes From Monte Cristo part 2 A Dumas    
Easy French Pieces W E Russell 1901  
Cassells Lessons in French-Systematic Grammar part 2 L Fasquelle    
Le Cardinal de Richlieu P H Corne 1853  
Nemrod & Ci Georges Ohnet 1892  
Junior French Exam Papers F Jacob 1901  
Dents 1st French Book Alge, W Rippman 1903  
Histoire d'un Conscript de 1813   1902  
Ruy Blas Victor Hugo    
Les Influences Celtiques C Roessler 1901  
le Journal de Therese Madame de Pressense    
French Passages For Unseen Translation C H Parry 1903  
French Grammar H W Eve 1904  
Les Aventures de Chicot -illustrated A Dumas 1905  
Primer of French Grammar Somerville 1900  
Vieil Irlandais- French Grammar   1908  
Xenophontis-Cyri Minoris Expeditio   1873  
Sallust's Jugurthine War translation  Rev Giles    
Xenophons Memorabilia Books 1 & 2      
Xenophon Marchant 1906  
Storia Piacevole del Signor Le Sage   1809  
First Latin Reading Book W Smith    
Novum Testamentum      
Italian Reader Marchetti 1870  
History Graeca   1850  
Greek Delectus   1855  
A First Greek Reading Book A Sidgwick 1896  
English-German Phrase Book Carl Eduard Aue 1885  
Le Tour Du Monde Jules Verne 1902  
Primary French Exercises Somerville 1896  
Le Roi Des Montagnes H Testard 1893  
Le Roi Des Montagnes   1903  
Hamels Exercises   1836  
Roi De Coeur M de Thieulay 1884  
Havets Household French   1886  
Letters -written in French-examples for students      
A skeleton French Grammar Atkins 1906  
Every Day French Talk Chapman    
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Moliere    
Matriculation Model Answers (French)   1909  
French Fables   1864  
A First French Course   1876  
The First French Reader   1871  
Illiad of Homer vol 1: notes by Trollpe   1827  
Christisons French Grammar      
Selections From French Authors   1905  
Le Voyage de M Perrichon      
Conjuration du Comte de Fiesque   1825  
Exercises in Unseen Translation-Latin   1904  
Vita Horatii   1873  
First Greek Course Smith    
Opera Omnia   1875  
Histoire de France   1872  
Ahn's First French Course   1856  
Cicero against Catiline      
Cicero de Senectute et de Amicitia      
Grammaire des Grammaires   1864  
Publi Vergili Maronis Opera      
The First Three Books of Xenophon's Anabasis      
Le Juif Errant Eugene Sue    
Cyropaedia of Xenophon      
Dictionary of Musical Terms J Hiles    
Tonic Solfa Reporter - 3 books   1881  
Congregational Psalmist H anlon    
Hymns Ancient and Modern Monk    
Hymns Ancient and Modern Monk 1861  
Llyfr Tonau Cynnulleidfaol I Gwyllt 1876  
Cambrian Minstrelsie - 4 vols J Parry, D Rowlands    
Musical Educator - 5 vols J Grieg    
Choral Sacred Music - 2 vols T Williams    
Musical Statics J Curwen 1897  
Music Primers -Harmony D Stainer    
Music Primers- 2 part exercises J Greenwood 1883  
Notable Welsh Musicians F Griffith 1896  
Llyfr Cerdd Dannau (2 copies) R Griffith    
Collection of Hymns Rev J Wesley 1876  
Collection of Hymns Rev J Wesley 1877  
Sacred Songs and Solos Ira D Sankey    
Harmony Analysis G Oakey 1901  
Musical Theory J Curwen 1978  
Y Llenor 1948-50 (7 copies) W J Gruffydd, T J Morgan    
Y Cerddor 1889-1892 (12 copies)      
Cerddor y Solfa (17 copies) Ieuan Gwyllt 1872  
Voice Training Emil ?, C H Pearce 1884  
Death of Minnehaha -alto music (2 copies) S Coleridge Taylor    
Tales of Hoffman- words only Barber    
Cerdd Cymru i'r Plant D Jenkins    
Gorlifiad Cantre'r Gwaelod Henry Harries 1882  
Deuddeg o Ganeuon Joseph Parry    
Art of Singing - Vowel Method Margaret Watts Hughes    
Chwech o Ganeuon Gwadgarol i Bariton a bass Hughes 1888  
The Diary of Lady Willoughby 1635 Lady Willoughby 1845  
Handbook of Engraved Gems C W Kine M.A. 1885  
The White Book Mabinogion T Gwenog Bryn Evans    
Catalogue - Welsh Library John Ballinger James 1898  
The Black Book of Carmarthen- reproduction T Gwenog Bryn Evans 1904  
Blade o grass B L Farjeon    
The Book of Aneurin - reproduction T Gwenog Bryn Evans    
Cardigan Priory in the Golden Days Emily M Pritchard 1904  
Charter of Incorporation -Report on the Progress of the Library National Library of Wales 1909  
Veterinaly Materia Medica Vol 2 James White 1814  
Royal Charters and Historical Documents j R Daniel Tyssen 1878  
Selections from Physicians Prescriptions Jonathan Pereira 1869  
Cookes Guide to Paris with engraved map   1902  
Cookes Guide to Paris with engraved map   1905  
Exhibition of the photographic pictures of British Antarctic Exhibition 1910-1913 Illustrated Catalogue-Herbert G Ponting    
The Graphic Temperance Reader Sir Benjamin W Richardson    
Sayings of Our Lord from an early Greek Papyrus A S Hunt 1897  
The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett 1911  
Wild Wales George Borrow 1885  
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (in French) Daniel de Foe 1971  
Wonder Tales of Ancient Wales B Henderson, Stephen Jones 1914  
Annals of the Cymry T Stephens    
Y Llyfr Bach rhan2 L D Jones    
The Toy Kingdom W H Cremer    
Pomponia or the Gospel in Caesars Household Mrs Webb    
The Princess. A Medley      
Billy and Hans W J Stillman 1901  
Two Boys in Wartime John Finnemore 1908  
The Works of Virgil - translation Dryden 1792  
Memoires, Secrets pour Servir a l'Histoire de Perse   1749  
History of Spain vol 1-2 Maria Callcott 1835  
Miscellanies in Prose and Verse- vol 5   1735  
The Epistles and Art of Poetry of Horace- vol 4 Rev Philip Francis 1756  
Roman History Dr Goldsmith 1805  
Law is a Bottomless Pit or the History of John Bull   1712  
History of Malta and Poland Mrs Markham 1836  
Lettres Portugaises Eugene Asse 1873  
Memoirs of the late Dr Edward Young vol 1      
Natural History Birds vol 1-2   1811  
Natural History Quadropeds vol 1-2   1811  
Lennies Grammar William Lennie 1852  
Historical and Pictorial Glimpses of Llandaff Cathedral Rev Compton Davies 1895  
Christmas and the New Year in Many Lands Cremer Junior    
King Alberts Book The Daily Telegraph 1914  
Oxford-Cambridge Examination 1908   1908  
The Romance and Realm of Commerse Alfred Morris 1904  
The Encyclopaedia of Motoring   1910?  
Elements of Astronomy Reid    
Leaves from Journal of Our Life in the Highlands 2 vols HM Victoria 1883  
English Etymology Curtis    
Treatise on Arithmetic   1861  
The Wye Tour   1890?  
Illustrated Guide Chester      
Henry Richard MP biography   1889  
Life and its Aims   1854  
The Pleasures of Life part 1 Lubbock 1896  
English Past & Present R C Trench 1875  
The English Tongue Jos. Angus    
Paris Sketch Book Titmarsh 1886  
Meteorology J W Moore 1894  
Clarks Educator Catalogue   1913  
Five Years of my Life A dreyfus 1901  
Our Own Country illustrated (England)      
Constantinople to England Walsh 1838  
You Have Lived Before Baronte 1936  
War Memoirs of David Lloyd George vol 2      
The Life of Sierra Leone vol 1-2 Poole    
India Our Eastern Empire      
Elements of Logic Whate Lydd 1873  
Welsh Lyrics 19th century ed. Jones 1896  
Elementary Physics   1870  
History & Geography Examination Papers Spence 1912  
Five Minutes-  Daily Readings of Poetry Lear 1883  
Enoch Arden Alfred Tennyson 1875  
Stray Records. notes on a Sojourn at Montreux Clifford Harrison 1889  
Naomi - The Last Days of Jerusalem J B Webb 1900?  
Great Tribulations Rev J Cumming 1860  
Stories From Ovid Allcroft 1903  
The Story of the King of Rome Edwards 1903  
Lasting Fragrance W Stitch 1938  
The Cruise of H M Challenger W Spry 1878  
Journal of a visit to Egypt Hon. Mrs William Grey 1869  
The Noble of Traytour vols 1-3 Swarraton-Armiger 1857  
Study of Words R Trench 1874  
The Use of Life Sir John Lubbock MP 1895  
Idylls of the King vol 1 Alfred Tennyson 1875  
Chess R F Green 1900  
Greek history. The Temple Primers      
The Classical Manual James Baird 1852  
Poems of love and Home George Washington Moon 1899  
Modern Geography Alex Stewart 1862  
Carlyle- Personally and his writings David Masson 1885  
Solid Geometry J Wilson 1876  
Short History of Rome. Death of Augustus J Wells 1900  
Practical Chemistry Francis Jones 1872  
Elementary Physics Atkinson 1879  
Ethnological Dictionary of the English Language   1872  
University of London Calendar   1890  
History of the English Language Canon Daniel M.A 1899  
Lays of Ancient Rome Macaulay 1882  
Historical & miscellaneous Questions      
The Guardians Guide (Poor Law)   1899  
Physiology Foster 1891  
Idylls of the King Alfred Tennyson 1874  
Races of Man - Geographical Distribution Oscar Peschel 1876  
Everybody's Guide to Monet Matters William Cotton 1898  
Origin and Growth of Religion John Rhys 1888  
Founders of the Empire Philip Gibbs 1908  
Waterloo (in French) A Rpoes M A 1909  
English Church History vol 2 Rev A Lane 1888  
Chats to Cello Students A Broadley 1899  
Handbook of English literature J angus MA DD    
Canada. Britain's Largest Colony Haydon    
English History Manuals 1689-1890      
Mangnalls Historical Questions R Mangnall 1891  
Geography of the Globe Butler  1864  
Sandows anatomical Chart      
The Romance of the Post Office A G Bowie 1897  
Elements of Geometry R Potts MA    
Lectures of Welsh Philology   1879  
Romance of Glass Making Walter Gandy 1898  
How to take Fake Photographs Clive Holland    
Last Days of Pompeii Lord Lytton    
Text Book of Science      
Chiromancy - Science of Palmistry Henry Frith 1890  
Self Help. Conduct & Perseverance S Smiles 1897  
Prose and Verse L Hertslet 1872  
English Accidence.  Development of the Language Rev R Morris 1879  
The Science of Arithmetic Cornwell    
Handbook to the Navy League Map of the world Crofts 1901  
An Atlas of Modern Geography Samuel Butler 1829  
History of Music Bonavia Hunt 1891  
Music Primers.  Plain Song Rev Thomas Helmore    
Shakespeares King Henry VIII Notes by Wm Lawson 1875  
History of the British Empire Collins School Series 1890?  
Smaller dictionary of Greek-Roman antiquities William Smith 1856  
Last Hours of Great Men Joseph Raines 1890  
Select Glossary - Words with a former use Trench 1873  
Australasia - Britains of the South Philip Gibbs    
Prevention Better Than Cure Mrs Ellis 1847  
Key to Matriculation Graphs Rosen Berg MA 1907  
English Grammar William Smith 1889  
A Handbook for Athletes H Hoole 1891  
Voice Song - Speech Lennox Browne    
Ideals of Science and Faith Rev J E Hand 1904  
Geology S Skertchly 1873  
Zoology Alfred Jewton 1894  
Everybody's Guide to Ballroom Dancing William Lamb 1900?  
A Primer of Philosophy A S Rappoport 1904  
Animal Chemistry William Odling 1866  
French Wines and Vineyards - the way to find them Cyrus Redding    
English Grammar William Lennie 1882  
Smaller History of Greece William Smith 1873  
Text Book of Physiology -parts 1-3 Foster 1892  
The Chemical Basis of the Animal body Sheridan 1892  
Deschanel's Natural Philosophy - part 1 Prof,. Everett 1873  
A Manual of Physiology G N Stewart 1899  
The Standardisation of Drug Extracts   1899  
Manners For Men Mrs Humphrey 1898  
Manners For Women Mrs Humphrey 1898  
Cyclopaedia of Foods J W Hoffman 1890  
Practical Household Recipes A H Westcutt 1900  
Defects in Plumbing and Drainage Work Francis Vacher 1900  
From Kitchen to Garret Mrs Panton 1887  
Home Chat Magazine-Feb, March, July, Aug, Sept   1898  
Home Chat Magazine - Mar, July, Aug, Nov   1899  
Home Chat Magazine - Oct, Dec   1897  
The Cigarette Christmas   1900  
Cassels Book of the Household in 3 volumes   1890  
The Book of the Home in 4 volumes   1890  
The English Woman's Year Book   1906  
Manners and Rules of Good Society   1892  
Sermons First and Second Series Rev Fred Robertson 1899  
Sermons Fourth Series Rev Fred Robertson 1898  
Sermons Fifth Series Rev Fred Robertson 1899  
Wesley's Hymns   1876  
The Gospel of st Mark Rev A S Walpole 1908  
The Harp of God Rutherford 1924  
The Book of Genesis      
The Light of Ages Howels 1887  
Before the Throne.  Manual of Devotion A J Mason 1907  
Commentary on the Gospel of St John vols 1-2 Hengslenberg 1865  
Sunday Magazine 1884      
Sunday Magazine 1882      
A Book of Old Testament   1908  
Commentary on the epistle to the Romans Moses Stewart 1838  
Evenings with the Romanists Seymour MA    
Words of Truth-Wisdom Farrar 1882  
Substance of Faith Allied with Science Olicer Lodge 1907  
Redemption Draweth nigh Rev J cumming 1860  
Holy Bible- pocket size vols 3,5,6,8,9      
Twenty Years in the Church Rev James Pycroft 1860  
The Martyrs of Carthage      
The Curate of Holy Cross      
New Testament in English      
Into the Fighting Line Rt Rev A F Winnington Ingram 1909  
Galations - Revelation      
Bible- Welsh      
Hanes yr Athrawiaeth Christionogol John Hughes 1803  
Traethodau Duwinyddol Lewis Edwards    
Anology of Religion Jos Butler    
Christian Word Pulpit - 17 vols   1874-1886  
Sermons Rev Frederick Robertson 1899  
Book of Kings      
Book of Leviticus      
Book of genesis - Exodus      
Lent with Jesus   1909  
New Testament   1824  
Bible - Welsh      
New Testament   1881  
The Book of the Bible Ezra & Nehemiah 1910  
Hymns ancient and Modern      
Near Home at Last J S B Monsell 1875  
Llyfr Hymnau MC   1886  
The Claim of Christ on the Conscience Rev William Stevenson    
The Call of the Dark Continent F D Walker 1911  
In His Steps What Would Jesus Do? Chas Sheldon 1897  
Book of Religious Essays      
A Pastor's Sketches I S Spencer 1860  
Rhys Lewis Minister of Bethel. An autobiography Rhys Lewis 1888  
Ezra and Nehemiah. Maps and notes   1905  
The Earnest Communicant Rev Ashton Oxenden 1877  
New Testament   1881  
The Edge of Age Freeman DD 1900  
Buddhism Rhys Davids 1890  
The Great High Priest (Bible Readings)  H brooke 1905  
Our Exemplar. What Would Jesus Do? Sheldon 1898  
Inebriety. How to meet it McNamara 1902  
Garden of the Soul. Meditations   1875  
Holy Dying vol 1 J Taylor    
Gloria Christi Rev J Finnemore 1896  
New Testament - welsh   1914  
Royal Commission of the Church of England and Other Religious Bodies in Wales-8 vols   1910-1911  
The National Encyclopaedia in 13 Volumes   1880  
The Popular Encyclopaedia in 14 Volumes   1890  
International Library of Famous Literature in 20 Volumes   1900  
The Casquet of Literature in 6 Volumes   1896  
Life and Discoveries of David Livingstone in 4 Volumes      
Encyclopaedia Britannica Vols 1-24 9th edition 1879  
Encyclopaedia Britanica Vols 25-33 and Index 10th edition 1902  
Report of British Association for the Advancement of Science in 21 volumes   1884-1903  
Ruthin Court Rolls      
Owen's Pembrokeshire vol 1-3   1892  
Catalogue-Manuscripts relating to Wales in the British Museum   1900  
The Nationalist   1908-1912  
The London Hospital Gazeteer - vols 4-9   1898-1890  
Girls Own Paper 32 issues   1895-1899  
Young Ladies Journal-august   1879  
Transactions Society of Cymrodorion - 21 issues   1894- 1926  
Archeologia Cambrensis - 29 issues   1908-1914  
Y Cymmrodor - 17 issues   1883-1929  
Cymru   1891-1912  
The Contemporary Review   1906-1914