Calvinistic Methodist Chapel Llanon

A Brief History


The first Presbyterian Chapel in Llanon was built by Mr John Alban of Penlan Farm at a cost of 15.  This chapel was a thatched longhouse with outdoor steps leading to the pulpit.  In 1797 the Reverend D Herbert became the minister followed by the Reverend William Nathaniel Williams.

The first Sunday School was formed in 1803 with 50 members who could read and 8 teachers.  Between 1803 and 1814 the Chapel membership grew rapidly and they had to expand the building at a cost of hundreds of pounds, but by 1838 this building was again too small to accommodate the growing membership.  This was when they decided to charge for seats.

In 1843 the membership was over 200 so in 1844 the third Chapel was built at a cost of 400, but they realised it was too small even before the building was finished.  In 1865 they removed the roof and raised the walls to build the gallery at a cost of 400.  The vestry behind the Chapel was built in 1880.

In the early 1960s a local farmer, Mr Alun Davies of Maesgwyn bought the pulpit, seats and pipe organ from a Chapel which was being demolished in south Wales and had them installed in Llanon Chapel.

Things have altered drastically over the years and the congregation on a Sunday now is usually about 14.

Translated extracts from an article by Anita Jones

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